Banner Stand Guide

Free ultimate guide to banner designWhether you are new to purchasing banner stands or have been buying them for years, it can be difficult to know which banner is the best fit for your needs. With different looking bases, standard and wide sizes and graphic options, it’s no wonder that choosing the right banner can be hard. This handy guide will help you hack the world of buying a banner stand with helpful checklists along the way to make an informed decision about:

  1. Type of banner stand
  2. Base style
  3. Size
  4. Whether to take it outdoors
  5. The right supplier


Why choose banner stands?

  • Simple and safe storage
  • Often the most cost effective banner stands

Cassette Roller Banner StandsCassette

A roller banner cassette is great if you want the benefits of a roller banner stand with the ability to interchange your graphic messages on a regular basis.

Cassette roller banner stands have a clever cassette system that allows you to change the graphic in an instant by simply replacing cassettes.

Each graphic comes with its own cassette which means that while the graphic is not in use, it is protected within the cassette. Once it has been changed it can be reused.

Key Benefits:

  • Great for swapping messages on a regular basis without buying multiple bases
  • Easily erected and dismantled
  • Simple and safe storage

Tension Banner Stands

tensionIf you want to change between graphics on a regular basis then tension banners are a great solution as they have a separate graphic to the base unit. This means that after you’ve used your graphic, you can take it completely off of the banner stand unit and roll it up for safe storage. Some tension banner stands use an ‘X’ shaped system to create tension, whereas others use snap rails to fasten your display. Extra graphics can be purchased separately and you can replace them without repurchasing a base unit. Key benefits:

  • Easy change graphics system
  • Eyelet or snap rail systems available
  • Lighter than most roller banner stands


Checklist for choosing your banner stand:

One off use Replace graphics Interchangeable graphics Graphic rolls into base for storage
Roller ✔|✘


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