Space at Events – The Final Frontier

Live long and prosper hand signWith the release of Star Trek – Into Darkness, the world is being captivated by thoughts of Space. But with space at a premium at events and exhibitions, how can you make the most out it? Whether you’ll have enough room for a small armada or an area smaller than a shuttle pod, there are options for everybody. Here are our top tips to help you live long and prosper at your next event.

1. Know your territory. Having a floor plan of the space available to you is important to know what you can feasibly take with you and also to know what is provided – for example whether you’ll have a shell scheme, or whether you’ll be given a table to display your products or leaflets. It may also be helpful to share where you will be via social media to help people that are already engaged with you to find you quickly. Importantly, it’s worth finding out how you can get your exhibition material to the event on the day – if the car park is a 15 minute walk, you may be overjoyed that you stuck to taking lightweight items, or for considering recruiting more helpers for heavier stands.

2. Prime directive. Being able to refresh your messages, or tailor them for a specific event to utilise the space provided could make all the difference to adding that extra sale or getting more donations. Start by taking a look at your current display material to see what is essential to use at this event given the amount of space you have. Then decide what needs replacing, refreshing or if there’s anything missing.

3. De-activate cloaking devices! With crowded events, it’s important that you have a strong presence and attract the eye and attention of passersby. By using the right displays for the space provided with the right tailored messages, it will make the difference between somebody stopping and somebody walking past. Remember to check the amount of space you have against the size of your graphics to be sure that they will fit comfortably. It’s a careful medium to ensure that your messages won’t be lost, but that you also won’t be pushed into the crowd from your graphics! As a guide, for smaller events, consider using banner stands, whereas larger spaces can hold pop-up displays or wider banner stands which take up more floor space.

4. Communicator. It is always a good idea to display your company or organisations literature on your stand. Attendees at the event will potentially be visiting several stands and you need them to be able to remember you once they leave the hall. If you have a bigger budget, you could consider using promotional items such as pens and USB sticks to increase engagement.

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