Quick Change, Spare Change: £20 Off Eco Banner, Now Just £79 +VAT

MH Eco banner, with chameleons

The MH Eco is a quick-change banner

Chameleons are the quick-change artists of the natural world. They can alter their look in seconds to communicate or create camouflage.

Now you can do the same, with the MH Eco indoor banner stand. Change your stand to suit your brand; replacement graphics mean it’s quick and easy to make an impact and show off your organisation’s ‘best bits’. To switch your message or show off a new promotion, just change the graphic panel in minutes and you’re all set…

For this month only, Marler Haley has cut £20 off the price of the Eco, so it’s now a bargain at just £79. But buy by 7 June or it’s bye, bye special offer!

This £20 discount is only valid until 7 June 2011. To bag a banner at the special price, please call us on 0500 888 668 or email our sales team. Or take a look at our banner stand brochure first…

We’ve also got some special spring deals on display counters and literature stands – a perfect match for the Eco if you need a complementary exhibition outfit. The MH Counter 400 with graphic wrap is now just £99+VAT, that’s 20% off our list price; and the MH1 literature stand can prop up your budget as well as your brochures, at a brilliant £39+VAT (£6 off).

Anyway, that’s enough deals for one day. Let’s finish where we started, with chameleons; in particular, the cutest baby veiled chameleon we’ve ever seen. Enjoy…


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