Printing on quality materials

Printing on quality materials

At Marler Haley, we print on a variety of substrates using the latest environmentally friendly printing techniques tailored to specific materials.

We conform to the highest environmental standards. As such, we never print using harmful solvent-based compounds and only use the very best materials.

With an in-house printing and finishing facility we can also offer a tailor-made service for some of our products, such as printed table cloths and flags. Call us on 0808 149 4658 today to discuss any bespoke requirements.

Printed Fabric

We use polyester to print our flags, tablecloths, zip up displays and pop up displays.

Using a process called dye sublimation we infuse dye directly into the fabric. This ensures the longevity of your graphic and guarantees the high-quality of all fabric displays we create.

Printed Graphic displays

To create our popular banner stands and pop up displays, we print using arlon cut to the right size in panels from 800mm to 2000mm wide.

As we can create a variety of sized graphics, we can also provide you with high-quality replacement graphics for certain base units – even if you didn’t buy your original display from Marler Haley! Please note that not all banner stands can have replacement graphics due to the method that is used in their production to create tension.

Printing on PVC

To create our waterproof PVC banners, we use 500 or 550gsm material. For our outdoor banners, we can also add eyelets to allow you to suit your requirements.

Printed photos

Printed photosAcrylics

We can also print onto a range of sizes of 5mm acrylic which create stunning displays that can be used as business signs, or even for personal pictures for your home.


Our premium canvases are made with a durable material with a wooden frame, providing a lightweight solution to creating your large-format pictures. Perfect for creating unique artwork or displaying motivational messages for offices, or even for home. We have a variety of sizes.

Meeting your printing needs

We care about our print materials as they help us to provide you with stunning high-quality printed displays.

If you’re looking for large format printing for banners, canvases, pop up displays, or other displays, then we’re here to help! You don’t need to know which material your display needs, just tell us what you want and we will do the rest. Browse through our printed display products, or call us on 0808 149 4658 to discuss your requirements in more detail.