Displays for Point of Sale

Supporting Text: If you’re looking to run a promotion in store, or to launch a new product in shopping centres, then having a great display can help to gain more awareness.

Promotional Displays

Having a promotional display can help to gain attention to a new product, service or to be used as a product demonstration area. Having clear branding and messaging for these aims are vital to make sure that passersby notice your display and can stop for further information if they are interested.

With a promotional counter, a tabletop area is available for product demonstrations and with two supporting banners can help draw in attention from a long way away, or provide further information about your new product, service or demonstration! Further POS displays include snap frames, which are great to use indoor and outdoor.

Roller banner stand

Our Promo Display counter kit comes with two of our Genesis roller banner stands. As well as being a best seller, they are very simple to assemble, can draw in attention in a crowded store and can be safely stored by rolling the graphic back into its base.

Portable display counter

Our Modesko portable display counter is great for POS displays as it has a clear area for product demonstrations or for taking down leads or sales, or to hand out free samples and also has a header panel and front panel customised with your own branding to draw in attention from afar.

Snap Frames

Snap frames are poster displays with front-loading graphics. From outdoor A-boards to indoor wall mountable signs, they are great to use to advertise promotions and offers.

If you’d prefer to pick and mix your own perfect display, talk to us on <adinsight number> about your exhibiting needs.
Our Promo display Counter Kit comprises of:

  • 2 x Genesis roller banner stand with premium graphic
  • 1 x Modesko portable display counter with front and header panel graphics and carry bag