Veloce Pop Up Display Portable Pop-Up Display

  • One person easy assembly
  • Available in Graphic and Fabric panels
  • Heavy Duty Usage
  • Weight from 20.0kg

Prices start from £ 350.00
Veloce Straight Pop Up Display Portable Pop-Up Display

  • One person assembly
  • Compact for easy storage
  • Easy to transport
  • Weight from 18.0kg

Prices start from £ 600.00
Veloce Image Pop Up Display Portable Pop-Up Display

  • Unique Fabric Display
  • Fabric attached to frame for speedy erection
  • One person easy assembly
  • Weight from 6.5kg

Prices start from £ 369.00
Zip Up Fabric Display Portable Pop-Up Display

  • Easy 'no tool' assembly
  • Seamless graphic
  • Range of frame types
  • Weight from 4kgs

Prices start from £ 359.00

Fabric and panel pop up displays for exhibition stands

If you are in need of a large display stand or event backdrop then our selection of classic panel pop up displays and more contemporary fabric displays provide the perfect solution.

If you are looking for something a bit smaller, why not try our banner stands?

Why Marler Haley?

Choose Marler Haley to create your display stand if you are after high-quality graphics, great customer service and a 10 year guarantee.
We can also provide an in-house Graphic design services to ensure that your display is as eye catching as possible. Provide us with the individual elements to your graphic and we will recreate your vision in a printable format, or if you have limited resources we can create your display stand graphic from the very start. Simply provide a brief and our in house design team will do the rest.
We offer a comprehensive range of pop up display stands and fabric displays to suit both your budget and display stand needs. Call us today on 0808 163 5421 to discuss your requirements.

Classic pop up display stands

Classic Pop ups are portable display stands that use a lattice structure that is easily pulled up and secured to create a stable construction that stands over 2 metres tall. Graphic panels are then attached to the pop up using hooks and magnetic bars, creating a seamless graphic. As we use only the highest quality of printing materials, our graphics will not curl or delaminate over time guaranteeing you a high quality of stand.


Curved pop-up

Our Veloce Popup stands are a best-seller, providing a great all in one display system. Simply open up the lightweight frame, attached the magnetic bars to support your graphics, add on the lights and you are ready to go.

Straight pop up stand

If you are looking for a straight pop up stand then this is the perfect solution! With quick assembly you can create a seamless straight graphic backdrop that has a smaller footprint than other pop ups.

Contemporary fabric display stands

Our selection of fabric display stands provide a lightweight solution to your display needs without compromising on style and quality. Graphics are printed onto fabric using dye-sublimation. This process presses the ink into the fabric, not a transfer on the top. This ensures that your designs can be printed to a high-standard to complete your stand creating a durable graphic.

Fabric graphic pop-up display stand

Our Veloce Image display offers something a little different. Your graphic message is printed onto a single fabric panel which is supplied already attached with hook and loop fastenings onto the pop up frame. This makes the system both lighter and with fewer parts, quicker and easier to set up.

Zip-Up Lightweight Fabric Display Stand

Our newest addition to our family of display stands are our Zip-Up displays. Instead of using the lattice Pop Up Display system, these stands use lightweight aluminium poles that click together to form the framework. The printed fabric is then pulled over the frame, like a pillow case, with the open end zipped up to complete the display.