Outdoor Advertising

We offer a comprehensive choice of outdoor banners, including pavement signs, flags and tension banner stands.

Our outdoor display range is the perfect solution for shows, events, conferences, the retail environment, leisure parks and country shows.

We know that exhibiting outside can be both an exciting and challenging prospect for exhibitors. It is important that you feel confident with your display stand when facing the elements and can proudly raise awareness of your business, charity or event without worry of it falling down, or blowing away.

Our range of outdoor display equipment includes banner stands, PVC banners, advertising flags, pavement signs, display counters and cafe wind barriers.

Can I use an indoor banner stand outside?

Although indoor banner stands can provide stunning graphics and lightweight solutions, they are sometimes too light or may not be weather-proof to be confident in using them outside.

Open-air events are also often not limited to the same height restrictions (other than in marquees), which means that you can use larger graphics and literally fly your flag to make your messages be seen over a large crowd.

What makes an exhibition stand weather-proof?

The bases to our outdoor display range can be filled with water or sand, which means that your exhibition stand will be sturdy enough to withstand windy conditions. They also use waterproof graphics and fabrics so you’ll be sure that your display will not be affected by the weather.

Your opportunity to fly your flag?

The sky is quite literally the limit when exhibiting outside. With crowded events, having a flag will mean that you can draw the eye of passersby. Our range of flags are available in a variety of different sizes and shapes and can come with either a water-filled base or a spike and weight to secure your stand into the ground.

Are the graphics high-quality for outdoor displays?

Marler Haley offers a range of graphic design services to ensure that your outdoor displays and banner stands are as eye catching as possible.

Provide us with the individual elements to your graphic and we will recreate your vision in a printable format, or if you have limited resources we can create your display stand graphic from the very start. Simply provide a brief and our in house design team will do the rest. See our artwork and design services for more information.