Office Games – Olympic Game Edition

As everybody around the world is avidly watching the Olympic Games, we thought it would be a fun idea to think about how we could use displays and items you’ll find around the office to create your our own Office Olympics…

Offices are serious places of work… but that doesn’t mean that they have to be boring. It’s a fact that happier people work harder and a playful workplace relieves stress and increases motivation. Need any more excuses to take part?

Just make sure that however you’re using them that you’re being safe so as not to damage them (or your team!). Have a look around your office and see what you could use – we’d love to hear your ideas over on Twitter @marlerhaley.

Please note: We do not recommend that you do many of these activities for health and safety reasons!

Counter vaultClassic-Display-Counter-min

Use a sturdy oblong counter and see if you can jump over it. Extra marks if you can make the land.

Remember to end with your hands in the air to signal to the judges that you’ve finished… and to tell your team that you’re not injured in this dangerous move.

Be warned, although counters are very sturdy and can hold weights of up to 75kgs, they haven’t been tested as gymnastic vaults.

Danger level: 7/10.

Display board archery

Using a display board covered in expoloop fabric, mark where your bullseye will be. Add a hook fastener dot to the Display-Board-Graphics-blue-minend of a lightweight pen or object and throw it like a dart at the board to try and get it to stick. Closest to the bullseye wins!

If you want to be more technical, you could create an official leader board and measure how far away each landed using a ruler measuring out from the bullseye.

This could also be done on a felt-backed notice board.

Danger level: 3/10.

Banner stand hurdles

When banner stands are unassembled, they usually live in portable bags. Row these up to create a little hurdle course around the office and get the team to complete it as fast as possible – without tripping over the items of course!

Equally, we think that rope and pole barriers would make great hurdles, although are much higher to try and clear!

Danger level: 5/10

Rhythmic gymnastics

Use the material from your flags and see who can perform the best rhythmic gymnastics routine. Give extra points for creativity, hilarity and if they can do it without laughing.

Danger level: 3/10

Obstacle course

Or, if you don’t have any displays to hand why not bring back memories of school by creating an obstacle course using items around your office.

Maybe a few meeting room chairs that have to be crawled under, followed by pen javelin and chair sprinting from one place to the next without putting your feet on the floor.

Whatever you do, have fun, be safe and have a happy team!


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