Make your Exhibiting Strategy a Hit

Exhibiting can provide a great ROI as well as having far reaching benefits of increasing brand awareness for future purchases. But how can you make sure your exhibiting strategy is a hit and not a flop? Follow the advice from these four songs to make sure you rock when it comes to exhibiting.

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1. Let’s get ready to Rumble – Ant & Dec

The key to success is preparation! Having a well prepared exhibiting strategy is vital to make sure you’re ready to take on the exhibition and your competitors to the best of your ability. Consider what your main reasons are for exhibiting are, does it include Brand awareness? Sales? Something else? Whatever your reasons, make sure you’re ready to measure it and make your competitors crumble.


2. Tubthumping – Chumbawumba

When exhibiting, you’re bound to have a few knockbacks from people that aren’t interested. But as the lyrics say, “I get knocked down, but I get up again, you’re never gonna keep me down”. Motivation is key to making sure that on-stand staff stay focused on the positive aspects of exhibiting and strive for goals, such as a key number of leads or sales to contribute toward the exhibiting strategy. Through our recent research, we found that 20% of exhibitors don’t use best practice to keep motivated and wrongly use tea or coffee as motivational aids! Don’t fall at the same hurdle and make sure you’re using great motivational aids.

3. Thank you – Dido

Having on-stand giveaways should be part of your exhibiting strategy. This is a great way of thanking people for visiting, as well as providing an opportunity to give them something to remember you by. Make sure these giveaways are branded, whether that’s a logo and contact details on a pen or something more imaginative such as your name inside a stick of rock. Remember, the more memorable and usable the item, the higher the chance that visitors will remember you in the future.

4. We are the champions – Queen

Want to be able to sing at the top of your lungs ‘We are the Champions!’ at the end of your exhibition? Of course you do. But how will you know if you’ve had a successful exhibition? After your exhibition has ended, it’s important to make sure you measure your ROI by assessing all the costs.

After a small drum roll, you can then find out if you can sing loud and proud, or find out what went wrong to improve for your next exhibition.

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