Five Tips to Stand out at your Next Exhibition

With the exhibition season in full swing, it’s important to make sure your stand is motivating people to find out more, rather than forcing them away. Here are five tips to help you stand out at your next exhibition to gain more leads and sales:

Make space

With space at a premium at exhibitions and events, make sure you use your space wisely. If you have room, create a safe space away from walkways where people can talk to you or look at your products. If people aren’t feeling rushed by a flow of traffic, then they will have a higher chance of converting into a lead or sale.

Give them a reason to stop

Passersby will only have a few seconds to make a decision about whether or not they want to have a look at your stand to find out more information, so make sure that your logo is clearly visible above head height, with clear messages about your product or service and the unique selling points.

Be recognisable

If passersby cannot easily identify you as being on-stand staff, then they could walk away – loosing you potential interest. Consider using branded t-shirts, name badges or even sashes to make you quickly recognisable as a representative of your brand.

Remove barriers

Make sure there are not any barriers to block your conversations. If your display involves showcasing products, you may find that spending time in front, or to the side of your products makes it easier to interact with your potential customers, without having to lean over your display.

For larger displays, moving toward the front of your display makes it easier to invite people on-stand. If you need to use a counter display for lead taking, then consider where it would fit best to ensure that it does not act as a barrier or disrupt the flow around your stand.


Wow them with graphics

Graphic displays are a fantastic way to grab people’s attention and the most popular choice for events and exhibitions are portable banner stands. A standard size for a banner stand is usually about 800-850 mm wide, but there are wider options available to really go the extra mile and grab attention. With a wide banner stand, you can choose to have a 1000 mm to 2000 mm wide display, meaning that you have a much larger graphic area to play with which makes a perfect backdrop.

To help you stand out at events, we’re offering 10% off our range of wide banner stands until 29th November, when you phone to order.

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