Finding the Right Banner Stand for your Needs

Deciding what banner stand is right for you shouldn’t be a hard decision. The most important thing to bear in mind is whether your potential banner suits your needs. This will help to make sure that you can gain a greater ROI from your investment.

How often do you need to use your banner and graphics?

Budget Cassette Banner Stand

Occasional ‘one off’ use

If you only use your banner occasionally and don’t plan on changing your graphics, then any banner stand could be perfect for you. If so, then it may be an aesthetic decision as to which base unit suits your situation and budget.

Regular use with no change in messages

If you plan on exhibiting regularly, then you will need a banner that can withstand the test of time. Choosing a banner unit that is extra-durable will be important to you. Roller banners provide a perfect solution for durability as the graphics are rolled safely away in the base unit for transportation and storage. Using carry bags also increase the longevity of your stand by decreasing the chance of damage during transportation. To renew messages, make sure that your banner can have replacement graphics. Talk to us for more information on whether your banner is compatible for this option.

To change your messages on a more regular basis, you may wish to choose a tension banner stand. For this option, it is important to make sure you look after your graphics by carefully rolling them up after use and storing them in a protective case.

Regular, changing messages

If you regularly attend exhibitions and events and need to swap your messages in-between these events, then instead of buying multiple banners, you may wish to choose from either our tension systems, or cassette banners. Tension banners allow you to change graphics by having multiple eyeleted or ‘snap in’ graphics that need to be rolled away neatly during transport and storage. Cassette banners are a novel type of roller banner stand that use cartridges that can be changed by you in less than a minute. Each graphic is protected within a cartridge, which can help to maintain the quality of your display, even with regular travel and message swapping.

Why choose to lock and load graphics with a cassette banner?

Cassette banner stands are the best kept secret of the exhibition industry and can help when you need to change between your messages regularly, but don’t want to buy many individual banners.

As most seasoned exhibitors will know, to replace graphics on a standard roller banner stand you would need to send your base unit back to us to ensure your new graphics are looking smart. But what would you do if you wanted the option to swap back to your original graphics on a whim? Cassette roller banners are the answer to this dilemma.

Acting as a barrel, the base unit of a cassette banner can be loaded with a single cartridge containing your chosen graphics.

To change your own graphics using this system, all you need to do is lift up the snap rail on the base unit and remove the current cassette to be replaced with another cassette. With a simple twist of the cassette to lock it in place, your new graphics are loaded and ready to go.

See our selection of banner stands now to find your perfect display, or talk to us on 0808 163 5421 and we’ll help you find your perfect banner today.

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