Promotional Items

Marler Haley offer a range of promotional items to enhance your presence at any event. Promotional items can be branded with your logo and message and are often available in a number of colour choices.

Promotional Items
Curvy Ballpens

Curvy Ballpens

  • 18 colours to choose from
  • Comfort grip

Why buy?

Great for brand awareness!

Prices from £150.78
travel mug

Travel Mug

  • Comes with screw on lid and sip cover
  • Available in 6 colours

Why buy?

Great for event giveaways!

Prices from £285.36
Bic sticky note

Sticky Notes

  • Full colour print
  • BIC adhesive notes

Why buy?

Great value stationary to suit all budgets.

Prices from £214.20
100% Cotton Shopper

100% Cotton Shopper

  • Large branding area for your logo
  • Reusable and eco-friendly

Why buy?

Eco-friendly and reusable, great for promotional events.

Prices from £270.48
stress balls

Stress Ball

  • 9 colours available
  • Branded with your logo/message

Why buy?

Relieve stress.

Prices from £210.48
silicone wristbands

Silicone Wristbands

  • Pantone matched colour
  • Design printed or debossed

Why buy?

Great for charities!

Prices from £102.00
power bank

Power Bank

  • 5 colours available
  • Design printed with 2 colours

Why buy?

Power on the go.

Prices from £37.13

Twister USB

  • 14 colour choices
  • Made from plastic and aluminium

Why buy?

Give the gift of storage

Prices from £235.56
mint card

Mint Cards

  • 1 colour print
  • Plastic mint cards

Why buy?

Great for mailing campaigns or as giveaways.

Prices from £87.84
Branded Acrylic Keyring

Acrylic Keyring

  • Available in 3 colours
  • Brand the printed insert

Why buy?

Suitable for exhibitions, giveaways and a range of events.

Prices from £216.78
Trolley coin

Trolley Coins

  • Pound coin sized
  • Up to four colours

Why buy?

Your branded item kept close at all times.

Prices from £113.76

Promotional products

Promotional products are great for businesses to help raise awareness of your brand to be used as gifts from exhibitions and conferences. They are also great to use as items to sell for people to show their support for your charity.

Promotional gifts

Using giveaways at events is an extremely popular way of getting more people to visit your exhibition stand. From a tote bag pre-filled with your own literature to a power bank to help people recharge their mobiles while at the event, these gifts help to thank people for visiting your stand and hopefully leave a lasting impression.

When choosing a giveaway, consider what would mean the most to your potential customers and what may stand the test of time once they get back to their office. For more tips on choosing the right promotional gift, read our guide on how to choose the right freebie.

Promotional merchandise

Charities often use branded promotional items to sell as merchandise at events. It’s a great fundraising idea that can help to increase donations via the profits gained. From the buyer’s point of view, they are also getting something back in return for their donation, whether it’s a shopping trolley coin that they can add to their keyrings or a wristband to show their support for the charity.

People are more likely to give a bigger donation to your charity if they are receiving a small token gift in return.

If you’re looking to sell items, make sure your display looks great to grab attention from afar, choosing to use a printed, branded tablecloth to cover any table space and banner stands to tell people who you are.

Promotional items at conferences

If you’re organising a conference, then you may wish to provide freebies in a welcome pack, or giveaways on tables such as pens and sticky notes that they can take home with them as a memento from the event and to use throughout the day.

People always forget to take a pen and paper to conferences to take notes – or find that their favourite pen no longer works, so providing these materials will help increase the value of your conference to your delegates.

Products available

If you’re looking for a particular promotional item that isn’t listed above, then get in touch with us on 0808 149 4663 as we may be able to source your requirements.