Display Graphics Things to Know…

We want to streamline this part of your order as much as possible to ensure that your display is created and dispatched quickly and without delay. Delays often come from issues with artwork.

Have you saved your artwork as a PDF? If yes, please send us the original native format that the graphics were created in. This is because PDFs do not incorporate the “preferences”, e.g. pantone colour references or fonts.

We can print your artwork from PDF but it will be printed as received and we can accept no responsibility for incorrect colour output and other discrepancies. If you need assistance in creating your artwork, our artworking and graphics team can help! Please call 0808 149 4663 .

Rather than emailing very large files, we ask that you upload it to our FTP Artwork Uploader. This facility allows you to upload your artwork without the need for installed FTP software. Once uploaded the system will notify us when you have uploaded your graphics.

Do you need us to match your corporate colours? Please post us a hard copy of your leaflet or brochure to arrive the next day. An emailed copy will not be acceptable due to the differences in colour on computer monitors. We can try and match the colours as closely as possible however an exact match cannot be guaranteed due the different print process and substrates used. We do however endeavour to provide this service to ensure your display is perfect for your requirements.

Do you need to match pantone references?

If you can supply your pantones either by telephone or email we can then check if your artwork matches up. Please note, pantone references print out differently on different substrates, and when using different printing processes. If you have a colour that is particularly important and requires specific matching we can do that for you. The first pantone match is free and subsequent ones incur a small charge of £10 each.

We recommend you send us a hard copy of your leaflet or brochure, and you may wish to order a machine-printed proof at £9.50 + VAT (see ”Proofing” below).

Do you need us to match fonts?

In many cases PC Fonts can be different to Mac fonts and our graphics department work on Macs. If we do not have the font then we can either match it as closely as possible or there may be a charge for us to purchase your font. Please call us for more details.

Do you need to match previous prints?

Please post us an example of what you’d like us to match in plenty of time. We will do everything we can to match them but cannot guarantee a match in colour or alignment. The more information you can give us, the better.

Do you need a proof? To make use of our Machine proof that checks for colour matching there is a charge of £9.50 + VAT. This will be added to your order. Approval must be received the day before printing. We can provide a PDF proof to check layout but not colour. This is supplied free of charge but approval must be received the day before printing.

Please note that whilst we will make every effort to ensure your graphics are perfect for you, we cannot be liable if the artwork we are supplied with does not meet the specifications outlined in the set up instructions sent to you previously. Errors, additional costs or a delay to delivery may be incurred.