Creating Great Graphics for Outdoor Displays

Whether you are attending a county show, sporting event or your business is located in a highly trafficed area. Outdoor display products give you the opportunity to promote your business on a larger, louder more vibrant scale. The trouble is that there is often confusion about what to put onto an outdoor display, repeating the same graphics used on existing indoor displays is not always the right option.

We have pulled together a couple of areas to take into consideration when creating graphics for your outdoor displays.

This is one of the most important elements of an outdoor display and is often where people go wrong. In this instance less is most certainly more. Due to the nature of outdoor displays people are often in a rush and are walking or driving past your message, so they do not have time to take in a lot of information. Keep your text short, clear and simple, using a clear visible font.

Unlike traditional indoor displays outdoor displays are often competing with busy backgrounds, a pull up banner sitting in front of a wall, an advertising flag with a blue sky behind it or an A frame in a green field. Your colour choices need to stand out from the given background not merge into it.

A picture can say a thousand words, as you need to keep your text limited it places greater emphasis on the image being used. Any impurities in an image will stand out when it is 2.5 meters high. Make sure that you are using the best quality image, as an image gets larger it can often lose its definition and become pixelated.

Call to action
As we have already mentioned people passing an outdoor display can often be in a hurry and may not have time to read your display therefore you need to make sure that your call to action is clear. If you want them to visit your shop, visit your website or call, you need to make sure that it is memorable and clear.

Next time you are out and about keep an eye out for some outdoor advertising to see how well other people are doing. Are their messages clear and easy to remember? Would you visit their business?

If you need any help or advice when compiling your graphics we would be happy to help.

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