Buying Banner Stands on a Budget

These days, we get lots of calls from customers who need a banner stand for an event, but have a really tight budget. Some people seem uncomfortable asking us about the difference between the different stands in our range, but don’t worry; making sure you get the best value for your money is an important part of our job.

If you need a bit of inspiration choosing a new stand, here are a few questions to ask yourself before you start browsing online.

Question one – what do you need the stand for?
Will your new stand be brought out once a year, left in a reception area, used in a busy retail venue or hauled out to exhibitions every other week? If it’s only going to get light indoor use, an entry range banner should be fine. (Try checking out our Eco or Genesis stands to find out more and read reviews from other customers.) But if your new stand will get a lot of action, you might be better off with a heavy-duty version, such as the Bigscreen2; it costs a bit more upfront, but will stand a lot more wear and tear and that could save you cash in the long run.

Question two – how many banners do you have already?
If you’ve only got one or two banner stands – or this will be your first one – you need to think about the types of events you will go to. Do you want to say the same thing to your audiences every time?
If you’re just looking for some ‘corporate wallpaper’, an entry level stand like the Genesis will be fine. But if you’d like the flexibility to adopt seasonal campaigns and convey different messages throughout the year, you’ll probably want a stand where you can change the graphics.
Marler Haley’s Eco stand is a good budget option for indoor use, and would be cheaper than buying two single-use banner stands. Alternatively if you want a heavy-duty banner with quick-change messaging, try a higher-spec stand with a roller cassette. The cassettes pop in and out in a flash and are easy to use – check out the Image to find out more.

Question three – how much space will you have?
Will the stand need to fit into a small area, or will you use it at conferences and exhibitions where there is plenty of space?
If space isn’t a problem, you can get away with larger displays (we make them 1000mm wide and even bigger at our in-house facility). But if you’re putting the stand somewhere where there are limited walkways or you’ve got lots of equipment, an 800mm or 850mm will probably suit you best.
To check out stand options before you buy, try looking at the 800mm wide Genesis or the Bigscreen2 850mm display.

Hope you find this information useful, as always if you have any questions or comments let us know. Feel free to post a message below, email or call our enquiry line on 0808 149 4666. Finally, for even more information, take a peek at our full banner stands buying guide.



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