Promo Display Counter Kit

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  • 1 x Modesko Portable Display Counter with front and header panel graphics and carry bag
  • 2 x Genesis Roller Banner Stands complete with graphic and carry bag

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Promo Display Counter Kit

This Display kit has been specifically designed for promotional events and product demonstrations.


Price and size

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  Genesis Roller Banner Stand Modesko Portable Display Counter
Assembled height 2100mm 2195mm
Assembled width 810mm 805mm
Assembled depth   450mm

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Product use

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We recommend the Promo Display Counter Kit for product demonstrations in supermarkets or any retail environment.

This very versatile display kit is also suitable for exhibitions and events.

Set up

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Genesis Roller Banner Stand:

  1. Remove the banner from the supplied carry bag.
  2. The lightweight aluminium base has two twist out support feet. These two feet must be angled at 90 degrees to the base, as shown.
  3. The pole is made up of three smaller sections, linked with elastic bungee cord. Slot the three sections together.
  4. Insert one end of the pole into the secure fitting, located in the base.
  5. The graphic panel pulls out smoothly from the base.
  6. Attach the graphic to the support pole as shown.


Modesko Portable Display Counter:

  1. Starting with the base, insert the body of the counter into the base.
  2. Lower the shelf into the body of the counter and secure in place by the internal fixings.
  3. Add the counter top and clip into place.
  4. Attach the header by connecting the two poles together and insert through the top of the counter.
  5. The pole sits in the recess of the internal shelf. Repeat for the other side.
  6. The fixings located on the back of the header will slot over the top of the poles.
  7. Add graphics to the body and/or to the header using magnetic tape.

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