Stand out with a Freedom Street Flag

The Freedom Street Flag commands attention.
As this flag is worn on the back, it’s very hard to miss making it perfect for promoting your brand, product or special offer.

Promotion has Never been Easier or more Instant

Perfect for advertising on the move, this flag is hands-free, lightweight, and bound to pique the interest of those who see it. It’s also easy to assemble. Simply attach the flag to the pole, insert into the backpack, and put it on.

Three Different flag Shapes to Choose fromStreetflag Teardrop

The street flag is available in a feather, teardrop and edge shape. The feather stands at 1.2 metres and the teardrop and feather are less than 1 metre.

There’s bound to be a street flag that can help you stand out and further promote your brand.

The best Alternative to the Sandwich Board

Need to drum up some more sales for your brand? Want everybody to know about your new location? Perhaps you’re simply trying to direct people to your food sampling station. Either way, it’s goodbye sandwich board and hello street flag!

The days of wearing a heavy board are gone. It’s time to embrace this lightweight and comfortable piece of innovative advertising equipment.
Whether you choose to display only your brand logo or opt to include a short USP along with it, the street flag is worth considering if you hope to increase sales.

Raise Awareness

As well as sales, the street flag is perfect for raising awareness of your charity.
Whether you’re at a charity event or in the middle of the city centre on a Saturday afternoon, the street flag not only helps you raise awareness but, it works well as a signpost for the public to let them know where they can find you.

Always be visible

Regardless of whether you’re trying to increase sales, raise awareness, or you simply need to be easily identifiable to the public or a specific group (think a teacher to her class on a school trip or a tour guide to their group), this flag is definitely worth considering.

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