So you want to make a Successful sale?

With exhibition season about to take hold, it’s safe to say that you won’t be the only business setting up your stand to entice customers. In fact, you can guarantee that competition will be fierce.

In order to make your exhibition stand really stand out, attract leads, and ultimately sales, there are a few things you need to keep in mind…

One Word: Design

Exhibiting is all about capturing the attention of your audience. Once you’ve managed to do that you can go into overdrive to keep them entertained with your sales talk, freebies, or even dazzle them with the newest technology.

Remember your design though. It’s the design of your exhibition stand that will get the sharks circling around you so ensure your stand is visual and stands out from the others in the room – don’t be shy about going bold, bright, or contemporary. It’s the way to your customers’ hearts!

Don’t forget to incorporate what you do into your design too.  Let your visitors know who you are and what you do because on average, they’ll probably only spend around 30 seconds at your stand. Impress them immediately and give them a reason to stay.


Don’t be afraid to bring a banner with you that will attract the crowds. Be innovative and make your display two dimensional. Curved display surfaces featuring moving images and pictures also work really well as do innovative videos that are both funny and interesting.

This is a fantastic way to bring the curious visitors to your doorstep.

Don’t be shy and get Interactive

TelescopiciPad_MaxHeight_LargeVisitors want to feel involved so give them something that will engage all of their senses and not just their eyes.

Consider incorporating the latest technology or your product or service into your stand to hold your visitors’ attention. Consider including innovative videos that are funny and interesting – answer their questions with the information you provide. And how about showing off your social media platforms? Stream your live tweets and encourage visitors to join in using their smartphones.
Yes, leaflets are a good takeaway and provide your visitor with vital information but you need to make it interesting and you need to be interactive.

It’s also worth using iPads to collect information which can eventually be used as leads to generate new sales. It also helps speed up the after-show contact process.

Depending on your budget you could also create a free app specifically for the exhibition that picks up on the design themes of the stand itself. This will give your visitors a visual prompt and/or reminder when they look at it later on, allowing everyone to access information about your company at their leisure.

Get your Staff Motivated

Now that you’ve managed to get visitors to your stand, it’s important to ensure that they’re engaged and interested in what they’re listening to. In order to do this successfully, it’s important that your staff are on the ball.

Contrary to popular belief, visitors do not want your staff to stand there with a smile painted on their face preaching about how your company has changed the face of the industry. Instead, they want to be greeted by a personable character with a sense of humour.

Ensure your team are knowledgeable about your brand and the products you’re trying to push to ensure that they can answer just about every question that’s thrown at them.

Your stand design should primarily focus on your core strategy and make use of the tools that you have at your disposal to ensure you get your message across loud and clear.

Now that you understand how an exhibition can really get you the sales, it’s time to get set up and communicate with your audience!

*Images from Pinterest and Marler Haley