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For most people, The New Year starts off with people seeing the fireworks on TV, going out with friends and family or just going to sleep. For a few days, January is seen as a time of reflection on what was achieved from last year, lessons learnt and how we can improve this year.

As we are still in the first month, we want to reflect and tell you about our top 5 new products of 2014 that we reflected on and think will be big in 2015.

1. Modular Displays – This uses easy to assemble fabric walls, great for where space is at a premium. These products are a great step up from the standard pop and banner display equipment.

2. Lightweight Fabric Display – Seen by companies as an alternative to pop up displays. Using aluminium tubes that are connected to simple snap in buttons, it means you don’t need to use any tools to assemble it. Simples! The fabric graph fits over the stand just like a pillow case. Light by name and light by nature it’s easy to carry.

3. Snap frame – Oh snap! These are great to attach simple messages that you could change easily by unclipping the frame, so you could tell visitors when that all important next talk was about to start to demonstrating your menus. These come as freestanding or wall displays. It’s no wonder why restaurants, retail stores, hotels and theatres went for this.

4. Floor Graphics – Custom made to your needs, we can make almost anything. We’ve had clients who wanted us to make a Pizza graphic on the floor to confuse visitors. The look was more than just buy one get one free! But don’t worry, they are easy to remove and come with a non slip and anti scruff over laminate. We recommend these only for hard surfaces.

5. PVC Banner – This wasn’t about the banner more about the artwork creator where customers can design their own banners free of charge. Easily attached to rails, fences and buildings; they can to be used indoors too. We can make these big enough to be 3 metres tall so you can use this as a great backdrop in your exhibition or as a showpiece in your reception area. These are also weather resistant so you don’t need to worry about your banners being ruined in typical English weather.

What new products do you think worked for you last year? Share your views on our Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin and Google+. We may even write a blog about it soon!


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