Memorable art Events put on in aid of Charity

There are a million and one reasons why events are put on in aid of charity. From increasing awareness of global problems to raising funds for disaster zones, the events often go a long way in helping those in need of assistance – in whatever form that might be.

Memorable campaigns are not necessarily those that bring in vast sums of money or those that reach the most people – although both of those factors remain important.

The most memorable charity campaigns are those which lend support and help to drive change; from helping people into work or homes to making people aware of the struggles that those around them face.

Below, we’ve listed a handful of memorable events that provide support to a charity or community organisation.



The University of Leeds ran a charity initiative named Piano Postcards in 2012. Image from


Cooking up a Storm in Shoreditch

Fifty Chefs – The Hands That Feed London was a photographic project that went on show in Shoreditch in April 2015. Taking a decade to put together it featured images of the faces and hands of chefs, kitchen hands, and many other people who cook for London’s population, their kitchen battle scars shown in all their glory.

Sales from the prints went towards London-based charity FareShare. The charity distributes food that would otherwise be wasted to around 8,000 vulnerable Londoners and more than 75,000 people nationwide.

Encouraging Offenders to get Artistic

The Koestler Trust works as a prison arts charity that showcases, awards, and sells artwork by offenders and detainees. Yearly awards are held to recognise the best work as the charity attempts to encourage change amongst those behind bars whilst keeping them motivated to do better for themselves.

More than 8,000 pieces of art are submitted every year and the national exhibition attracts upwards of 20,000 visitors. The charity focuses on attempting to channel the energy of the offenders into something positive in the hope of cutting rates of reoffending.

Life in a Belgravia Gallery

As the Belgravia Gallery approaches its 30th anniversary in 2016, it still follows the same concepts as when it first opened. Situated in the heart of Mayfair, the gallery has a strong emphasis on art for charity with proceeds going towards The Sebastian Hunter Memorial Trust.

Run by mother and daughter Anna Hunter and Laura Walford, everyone involved helps to raise funds to aid disadvantaged people and to build schools in Tamil Nadu, South East India. Not only does this empower young people but it provides education, healthcare, and livelihood opportunities that others might take for granted.

Postcards in Leeds

The University of Leeds ran a charity initiative named ‘Piano Postcards’ in 2012 to coincide with the world-renowned Leeds International Piano Competition run by Dame Fanny Waterman. Aiming to raise funds for two high profile music charities, Nordoff Robbins and Live Music Now, the event included several famous faces such as Emeli Sande and acclaimed writer Alan Bennett.

The university has hosted the International Piano Competition for the majority of its history spanning more than 50 years and by running the Postcards initiative, links between the institution, the community, and the local music scene were strengthened.

Making an Event Memorable

These are all small scale examples of memorable events that have provided welcome support to people around the world.

The act of creating an event in the name of charity is relatively straightforward. For generations many charities have hired halls and hotel suites to host events and, while the majority are usually a success with plenty of money being raised, the key is to ensure that guests remember what the event was about when they wake up the next day.

This means thinking outside of the box and coming up with innovative takes on traditional events.

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