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Charity Competition Voting 2016

Vote nowThe time has come to cast your vote to decide which charity will win £300 Marler Haley displays.

Voting closes at 12pm on Friday 7th October 2016. The voting form can be found at the bottom of this page.

We’d firstly like to thank every charity that submitted a competition entry – we’re always amazed at the response we receive and every year the entries become more creative and engaging. This year we’ve been especially impressed by video submissions. Of course with so many submissions, it’s hard to select just three finalists, but we’re always happy to help charity’s do more. In fact we’ve now launched a free banner offer for charities.

It’s now over to you, to decide who will win from our three finalists: (more…)

Congratulations Animal Rescue Cumbria

animal-rescue-cumbriaWe’d like to say a big congratulations to Animal Rescue Cumbria for winning our fifth annual charity competition!

Animal Rescue entered the competition with a poem on our Facebook page. Explaining in five touching stanzas what they do, what equipment they’d like to purchase (a pop up banner and notice board), and what impact that equipment would make, the charity walked away with a massive 816 votes (54.69%) after two weeks of public voting!  They also get to walk away with the £300 prize to spend on anything on the site.

Rehoming Animals Since 1972

Animal Rescue Cumbria rescue and take in cats and dogs and where possible, find them suitable new homes. The charity was formed in 1972 after a group of ladies read an article in the local press stating that a large number of pets were “being put to sleep by the local RSPCA because suitable homes were not available”. After reading this, the ladies were spurred on to take animals in until they were able to find them permanent approved housing.

Animal Rescue continues to take in cats and dogs and works to keep them healthy and where possible, find them a new home.

Let’s Celebrate!

We believe in the hard work charities do to raise awareness of their causes and want to celebrate Animal Rescue Cumbria by giving them £300 to spend on anything on the site. We’d also like to celebrate the fact that this was the competition’s biggest year yet!

We received 37 entries from a range of charities such as health, children, and animal care, and we’d like to thank them all again for participating.

We look forward to receiving your entries next year to see what impact winning the competition would have on your charity but, until then, please read the winning poem by Animal Rescue Cumbria below.



geaorge-mildredThe homeless pets pour through ARC’s door,
(It’s hard to stem the flow).
But donations are running dry,
Our bank balance is low.

We vaccinate each dog and cat,
We neuter, worm, de-flea.
Each animal’s kept warm and fed
And heaped with TLC ❤

To carry on our vital work
We need to spread the word.
“Our animals depend on you!”
The message must be heard.


Our pop-up banner’s fallen down,
Our notice boards are old and sad.
enzoThey do not catch the public’s eye,
We need some new ones, real bad!

A rain proof board or coloured sign
To tell the public what ARC does.
£300 would do the trick,
Our cats and dogs say “vote for us!”


All images belong to Animal Rescue Cumbria.
Cats – George and Mildred
Dog – Enzo

Charity Competition Finalists 2015

Our fifth annual charity completion closed yesterday and it’s been our biggest year so far! Thank you! Without your entries we wouldn’t have had a record year.

With a mixture of charities and organisations entering in a range of ways, picking the three finalists was exciting… and very hard!
After much deliberation though, the three finalists of the Marler Haley Annual Charity Competition 2015 are…

  • Animal Rescue Cumbria
  • Hope for Tomorrow
  • Teens Unite Fighting Cancer



animal-rescue-cumbriaAnimal Rescue Cumbria

Animal Rescue Cumbria entered the competition with a poem on our Facebook page.
If they win, the charity would like to purchase, according to the last two stanzas of their poem, pop up banners, notice boards, and preferably ones that are rain proof and coloured to stand out in all weather!

Animal Rescue Cumbria rescue and take in cats and dogs and where possible, find them suitable new homes. Re-homing them since 1972, the charity was formed after a group of ladies read an article in the local press stating that a large number of pets were “being put to sleep by the local RSPCA because suitable homes were not available”. This spurred them on to take animals in and keep them until permanent approved housing could be found.

hope-for-tomorrowHope for Tomorrow

Hope for Tomorrow also entered via Facebook and let us know what winning the competition would mean to them and their patients. The charity launched the world’s first ever mobile chemotherapy unit in Gloucestershire in 2007 with the aim of reducing stress and strain on the patients. To date, the charity has launched nine of these units around the UK and each has the ability to treat between 18-20 patients every day five days a week.

Winning this competition means that more patients would receive this supportive service as the charity could promote themselves even more which in turn would help them raise more funds to get more units up and running.

teens-unite-fighting-cancerTeens Unite Fighting Cancer

Teens Unite Fighting Cancer entered via Twitter to let us know what winning the competition would mean to them.

Co-founded by Karen Millen OBE and Debbie Pezzani in 2007, Teens Unite stemmed from “a passion for supporting those in need” as well as several years of “research in the teenage cancer field ascertaining what was lacking for this age bracket”.
The charity helps young people build on their self esteem and self confidence as well as working to tackle feelings of isolation. Winning this competition would help the charity travel to different locations around the UK to further raise awareness of the affects cancer has on teens.


Do you want to try raise money and awareness for charity? Why not look into setting up an exhibition stand to get in front of an audience. 

Marler Haley Charity Competition Entries

Firstly, we’d like to say a big thank you to all who have entered our charity competition this year.
Not only was this year our fifth year but it’s been our biggest year yet!

We’ve thoroughly enjoyed your responses and will be announcing the winner later on today.
In the mean time though, these are the entries we received for the Marler Haley Charity Competition 2015:

Stay Up Late

North Birmingham Cats Protection

Cardiff People First

Harrogate and Ripon Volunteer Centre

Animal Rescue Cumbria

Hearing Link

RSPCA Bristol

National Osteoporosis Society

Lucys Day Out

Teens Unite Fighting Cancer

Alive Activities

Addington Fund

Anxiety UK


St Marks Foundation

The Door Youth Projected

Anaphylaxis Campaign

The Silver Line

West London Day Centre

Breastfeeders Aloud

Twenty Twenty UK

Stroke Association


Teamwork Trust

Celia Hammond

Big Help Project

Redwings Horse Sanctuary

Hope for Tomorrow

Felix Fund


2gether Charity Shop

Spires London

Blind Children UK

Galapagos Conservation Trust

Alstrom Syndrome UK

Chronicle Sunshine Fund

Children England


In the Spotlight – Raunds Park Infants School

As you might already be aware, our annual charity competition is currently running and is open to all UK charities and community organisations. Charities and organisations, big and small, have been entering for a chance to win £300 to spend on absolutely anything on the site.

Raunds-Park-InfantsTo get an idea of how display equipment can be used, we first spoke to the AGF who let us know which displays they’ve used for their fundraisers and what they think works particularly well for them. This time, we spoke with Emma Duff, chairwoman of the PTA at Raunds Park Infants School, Northamptonshire, to find out what display equipment the school uses for events and what they’d like to use in the future.

A community school for children aged between 4-7 years old, the aim of Raunds Park Infants is to work together to ensure that all of the children who attend the school have access to a “stimulating curriculum which supports their present understanding and broadens their horizons”.

From all of the display equipment you’ve ever used, what do think has worked particularly well?

We use notice boards and A-frames which work well – we’ve found that these two displays are great for communication. We use them for our family fun days.

If you could pick an ideal piece of equipment, what would you pick and why?

An external notice board would be ideal. It would be nice to visually communicate with more people about the events we have as at the moment we rely a lot on word of mouth and Parent Mail (emails sent out to parents who are subscribed).

What events are coming up for Raunds Park Infants School?

We tend to have two fairs and around four other events in a year. The summer fair is our main event. We’re trying to do more though. Moving forward we’re trying to do tabletop sales, movie nights, and discos to fundraise and bring the community together.

You can follow Raunds Park Infants School on Twitter for the latest news.

In the Spotlight – The Andrew Grene Foundation

agf-logoWe’re holding our fifth annual charity competition this year where charities can win £300 to use on the site. Whether they need to promote their cause, fundraise, or would simply like to update their display equipment, we’re excited to help make it happen.

With the competition well under way, we thought it would be a good idea to see how other charities and organisations use display equipment to raise awareness. First up is the Andrew Grene foundation.
Set up and named after Andrew Grene who passed away in the Haitian earthquake of 2010, the AGF is a charity with a vision to see “quality education and economic opportunity… broadly available across Haiti”.

Their mission? To give the people of Haiti the resources they need to develop themselves through education and microfinance.

Fundraising is the main objective of this charity and so publicising their vision and mission is important. We had a quick chat with the AGF’s director of fundraising, Jane Holden, to find out what equipment the AGF uses…

What type of fundraisers do you hold and what equipment do you use for them?

We hold cycling fundraisers in Ireland and use a mixture of banners, roller banner stands and flags. For our golf days we use A-frame displays and flags. We also used a fabric pop up display for the launch of our film premiere last year.



Simon, Michael and Mike rode from London to Paris in three days to raise money and awareness of the AGF.


From all of the equipment you use, what do you think works particularly well?

Flags work really well and are easy to take abroad. For local events, pop up banners are ideal as they come in a carry case. A-frames are also nice and work very well with our fundraising efforts.

What events will you be attending over the next few months?

We have the Rutland Half Marathon coming up in September and a Curry and Quiz night!


A small charity, the AGF is based in the UK and has an office in New York as well as many supporters in Ireland. The charity also uses a range of equipment to stand out and make their cause known. To keep up with what they’re doing, join them on Facebook and Twitter.


Marler Haley’s Annual Charity Competition



Since 2011 Marler Haley has hosted an annual charity competition. Open to all UK registered charities to help them spread the word about their cause, they have the chance to win £300 worth of vouchers that are valid to use on any of our displays and display accessories.

Camp Nibble won our first ever competition

Studies have shown that rabbits are the most neglected and cruelly treated pet in the UK and this is what Camp Nibble’s primary focus is: rabbit welfare. Describing itself as a “rabbit rescue and sanctuary”, the charity also provides care and shelter for other neglected, abandoned and abused small animals. Founded in 2009, Camp Nibble is run by Hannah and Stephen.

They chose our table top display board kit which includes a table, fully printed, branded tablecloth and a display board.

Pop ‘N’ Grow won in 2012

Pop ‘N’ Grow started when Paula Smith gave birth to her baby Amelia in 2011. Amelia was moved to a neonatal intensive care unit and Paula was unable to dress her properly because of the tubes and lines. This is where the Pop ‘N’ Grow idea started.
The charity provides clothing made specifically for the neonatal environment making dressing your baby stress free.

Pop ‘N’ Grow chose to purchase a branded tablecloth and two banner stands with their vouchers.

In 2013, The Orpheus Centre won £300 worth of vouchers

Musician and songwriter Sir Richard Stilgoe and neurologist Dr Michael Swallow ran music weeks for disabled people in the mid 90s. Their popularity and effectiveness saw The Orpheus Centre open in 1998 at Sir Richard’s former family home in Godstone, Surrey. Growing from five live-in students to over 25 and with a number of day students attending daily, students are not only motivated by performing arts but they get to perform too.

Two banner stands and a display counter were purchased with the prize.

The Freddie Farmer Foundation won last year

Set up in 2011, the Freddie Farmer Foundation is all about providing physiotherapy to children and young people with cerebral palsy and mobility problems. The inspiration for the charity is Freddie Farmer who was born with cerebral palsy at 28 weeks weighing 2lb 12oz.

The Foundation’s old banner needed replacing and winning this competition allowed them to promote the Foundation and its cause with the display they purchased.



Freddie Farmer Foundation

Freddie Farmer


The competition will be back again this year

We believe in the hard work charities are doing to raise awareness of their causes and with this competition, we are able to celebrate that hard work by offering a prize of £300 worth of vouchers to use on the site.

Whether you need to promote your cause or fundraise, we want to help lighten the load.

Keep an eye on our website and social channels over the next few weeks for more information on our annual charity competition.

Ready Freddie Go Wins Marler Haley Charity Competition 2014

After two weeks of public voting, the winner of our annual charity competition with 65% of the vote is the Freddie Farmer Foundation!

Inspired by 10 year old Freddie Farmer who was born at 28 weeks with cerebral palsy, the charity was set up in 2011 to raise funds to set up a specialised physiotherapy centre in south-east London for children and young people with cerebral palsy and serious mobility problems.

Their prize for winning is £346 worth of Marler Haley vouchers to spend on new display stands.

Making a difference to Freddie Farmer Foundation

Speaking about the competition Anita Catchesides, charity officer at Freddie Farmer Foundation said: “Thank you all so much for voting for the Freddie Farmer Foundation.”

“Our faithful old banner stand has buckled under constant use and is no longer serviceable so this prize has come at just the right time.

“We entered the competition to win £346 worth of Marler Haley display vouchers to pay for a new exhibition stand and we were delighted to reach the final of the competition, and to subsequently win! Thanks so much for your support.

“We’ll use the new banner to promote the Freddie Farmer Foundation to the wider community, it’ll help raise awareness to help us support more young disabled children in the community.

“As soon as we get the new banner, we’ll share a picture of it on our Facebook page.”

Proud to support charities

Our charity competition has now been running for four years. Andrew Pocock, sales and marketing director at Marler Haley said “We’re very pleased to have announced the winners of our fourth annual charity competition as the Freddie Farmer Foundation.

“Our competition is a way of us celebrating charities to help further the work that they do. We understand the hard decisions that charities are often faced with when it comes to fundraising and marketing displays. Purchasing new displays when every penny can make a difference toward their core aims can be difficult.

“By supporting one charity a year to create great new displays without the cost, we can allow this difficult decision to be negated and allow them to make a real difference to their fundraising and awareness efforts.

“We’re so pleased to add the Freddie Farmer Foundation to our growing list of charity winners, joining previous winners of Camp Nibble, Pop ‘N’ Grow and Orpheus. Since winning, our previous victors have gone on to continue the great work they do with their displays still in action.

“As well as celebrating the victory of Freddie Farmer Foundation, we’d also like to thank the runners up of the competition who took the time and effort to enter – Womankind Worldwide and Winston’s Wish. As well as to everybody who voted for their winner – thank you!”

Charity Competition Finalists 2014

Thank you everybody for voting! Voting has now officially closed… please bear with us, we’ll announce the winner week commencing 13 October 2014.

We’re pleased to announce three finalists for our annual charity competition! Please help to decide the winner by casting a vote using the poll below.

The winning charity will be awarded with £346 worth of Marler Haley vouchers to help them raise awareness of the vital work they do.

Please see the competition entries below which explain why you should vote for them and how they’d use their vouchers if they won. To cast your vote, use the poll at the bottom of this blog post.



Good luck everyone!

Please see the list of all other entrants that we’d like to thank for entering, who will all be receiving 10% off their next purchase made with Marler Haley, valid until 31 December 2014:

Ready Freddie Go
Percy’s Pals
Guild Care
Celia Hammond
The Rainbow Centre
Winston’s Wish
MBEEDS Scotland

Competition for Charities to Win £300 Display Equipment

Our Annual Charity Competition for 2014 is now open for entries with a prize of £300 to be used toward display equipment.

Hurry, competition closes for entries soon!

Orpheus Centre display
To enter, registered UK charities are being asked to say what impact winning the competition would have to their charity.

All entrants that fulfil the terms and conditions of entry will also receive a complimentary 10% off their next purchase to be used until 31 December 2014.

 Key dates

  • This competition is open until 26 September 2014 at which point three finalists will be chosen.
  • The winner will be decided by a public vote for the three finalists in early October via Marler Haley’s blog.

Charity Competition Grand Prize

The winning charity for the Annual Charity Competition 2014 will be awarded with £300 vouchers to use toward any Marler Haley displays including banner stands, pop up displays, flags, tablecloths and display accessories.

 Enter our charity competition

 To enter:

  1. Say what impact winning £300 Marler Haley vouchers would have on their charity before 26 September 2014 on any website or social media site. Just make sure it’s one that doesn’t require a log in else we won’t be able to see your entry!
  2. Entries can include pictures, videos, vines, as well as links to the Marler Haley site with more information on products they would like to support entries.
  3. Email us a link to where you’ve entered to and we’ll enter you if you fulfil our terms and conditions!

After the competition has closed for entries, Marler Haley will choose three entries as finalists. Finalists will then be put to a public vote where people can vote for their chosen charity to win the prize.

Read our full terms and conditions here.

Impact of winning Marler Haley’s competition

This is Marler Haley’s fourth year running this competition to help charities to gain more funds and awareness for their cause through displays.

We have already helped three amazing charities – Camp Nibble, Pop ‘N’ Grow, and most recently, the Orpheus Centre.

The Orpheus Centre, which is an independent college for young disabled adults that specialises in the performing arts, won our competition in 2013. Jo Bega Head of Development at the Orpheus Centre told us that since winning, “We have been using the display materials as much as possible! They have travelled to football pitches, schools, colleges, magic shows, cake sales and rock gigs. This summer they will be even be camping at Redfest. They have been warmly received wherever they have been and the Orpheus message has been spread far and wide.”

Having a reliable display that you’re proud to show is at the heart of what we do at Marler Haley. We’re pleased that Orpheus has been making good use of their display at multiple venues and that it’s still going strong to help them raise even greater awareness of their fantastic charity.

We hope that many charities take advantage of our charity competition, and good luck if you are entering!

Charity Survey

Also, if you do work or volunteer for a charity, I’d greatly appreciate it if you could complete our short 5 minute survey on ROI from face to face marketing – we hope the results will help charities to determine which display equipment delivers the greatest ROI for different types of events.

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