Funny exhibiting tales

No matter how much time you put into preparing for your exhibition… sometimes we just can’t stop things from going wrong. Instead of shying away from these moments, we’re embracing them. Have a giggle and read on at some of the funny, embarrassing moments we’ve had.

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Wine O’Clock

Back in 2007, at the International Food Exhibition at Excel in London, there were a lot of free wine and beer being dished out by other stands so towards the end of the day the visitors we saw could sometimes need a little sit or a rest.

We had a high table and two stools placed at the edge of our stand. As you can imagine someone a wine or two passed their best tried to get on a stool to chat and promptly slipped off.

Whoops. Maybe we’ll opt for sofas next time?

Something fishy

Fish costume at exhibitionI was asked if I’d be willing to dress as a giant fish for Marketing Week Live and at first I thought they were joking.

After trying on the outfit, it was bigger than I thought it would be. To keep the outfit up, I had to keep my arms in a half scarecrow, half robot stance as the arm holes were nearer to my elbow than my shoulder. The face hole was also quite far forward, so I had to hunch over a bit. My face was also constantly being attacked by masking tape that was holding the inside of the contraption together, as if it were trying to claim me as its latest victim.

So, arms out, head forward, bending forward a bit – a classic duck pose.

To add insult to injury, our stand was right next to where the ‘pit girls’ were standing (young, slim, attractive girls wearing branded T-shirts to direct people to stands)… and there was me dressed in a giant cod, stood like a duck, right next to them.


Poking the Prime Minister

Tasked with assembling our roller banner stands at a parliamentary event, I was on a deadline and had to work quickly to get everything sorted before everybody arrived. I pulled the graphic out of the base and without looking swung the support pole from behind me to attach it to the top of the banner. Little did I know that David Cameron was walking behind me… missing my pole by the width of a hair.

I could have easily impaled him!

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