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We Love Wimbledon

It’s that time of year when us Brits pour a glass of Pimms and tuck into a bowl of strawberries and cream.

Yes, it’s time for Wimbledon.

So to celebrate, here’s a look at a recent campaign run by the Wimbledon Foundation with a little help from one of our display stands.

Tennis fans pose with replica trophies whilst at the Wimbledon Foundation Tent during the Wimbledon Guild Village Fair. Wimbledon Common, Wimbledon.  Day -9 Saturday 18/06/2016. Credit: AELTC/Jon Buckle

Tennis fans pose with replica trophies whilst at the Wimbledon Foundation Tent during the Wimbledon Guild Village Fair. Wimbledon Common, Wimbledon. Day -9 Saturday 18/06/2016. Credit: AELTC/Jon Buckle


Top 5 Blogs of 2015

2015 has been a fantastic year. We’ve had many great moments as a business and that includes what’s been happening on our blog. We’d like to take this time to share 5 of our top blogs from this year with you…


  1. Charity Competition Finalists 2015

    This year was our biggest year in terms of entries and visibility for the Marler Haley Charity Competition. This was also one of our best performing blog post of 2015 with more than 750 social shares! The winner of this year’s competition was Animal Rescue Cumbria who won with a massive 816 votes.
    Keep an eye out for next year’s competition.

  2. Fabric displays, are they the future?

    Pop up stands have been dominant in the world of portable displays for many years but finally, they have a very popular rival: the fabric display. The fabric display boasts many pros including being much lighter than its traditional counterpart, having a machine washable shell, and let’s not forget the fact that the fabric display is very easy to assemble.

  3. Freestanding displays vs shell scheme graphics 

    Do you know how to best utilise your shell scheme space? This post takes a look at the pros and cons of both shell scheme graphics and freestanding displays whether it’s a pop up display or banner stand.

  4. Our top 5 favourite products

    We have many amazing products on the Marler Haley site and decided to pick our top 5 favourites back in June. The products were chosen because they’re a mix of quality, reliability, excellence and innovation. The Maxi roller banner stand and Veloce pop up are just two products that were picked!

  5. Starting to plan for exhibition season

    This timeless piece takes a look at how to choose the right exhibition, what equipment you need and also how to design your stand. If you need help with any of these things or simply want to refresh yourself on the best way to raise awareness and drive sales, this piece might be of use.

BBC Good Food Show 2015

Call us consummate professionals or just plain greedy…either way, we were among the first through the doors at the BBC Good Food Show London 2015.

The first thing to touch our lips was chocolate, which is how every Friday morning should start. Staff at the Kinder Choco Bons stand were a lively bunch with a never-ending stash of treats to give away. Free sweeties – how could there be a better way to win hearts and minds?


Working our way through the exhibition hall, we joined the crowd who were gathering around a truly extraordinary exhibit – a Lexus car made from origami.

A marketing exhibitor tip to take away – there was no information to hand about the origami car, just a hash tag to find out more: #OrigamiCar.

As we spent the day observing here and tasting there, we came up with nominations for our own heroes of the event.

Pick of the bunch, our five-star favourite was Bake Box


Among all the fluffy, frosted delights of the Bakes & Cakes Show area, the Bake Box stand stood out. Even though it was their first showing at the event, our eagle eyes could find no fault at all.

We asked Johnny, one of Bake Box’s representatives, to talk us through the thinking behind the set-up.

  • The stand had no corners, so visitors could see everything on offer.
  • The stand was well tended by staff who had in-depth knowledge of the brand and its product offering. They scored an extra point for getting into the festive spirit by wearing Santa hats!
  • Live demonstrations brought crowds to the stand and educated them on the products and services available.
  • Pop-up banners and display boards gave the brand a unique stamp to the area.
  • TV screens showing Bake Box’s TV advertising added to the visual impact of the stand.
  • Seasonal decorations created a warm, festive atmosphere.
  • iPads were displayed at eye level to record visitors’ details for a competition.
  • Glass cabinet stands displayed finalised products and showed visitors what they could achieve when using Bake Box.

When we asked Johnny what the brand would like to do better if they were to exhibit again, he understandably struggled to answer. This stand ticked all the right boxes and proved you can have your cake and eat it after all!

Many other stands were eye-catching attention-grabbers too. We chatted with the exhibitors to hear their stories…

Wyke Farms

Profile: Family-run Wyke Farms is a regular at the BBC Good Food Show and the brand feel it’s the prime place to convey their heritage and deliver their message to their customers. Lyndsey told us they used free samples, plus a homely-themed stand to attract visitors. Brand awareness is clearly at the top of the menu, but Wyke Farms also love the thought of customers taking away their cheeses to use in their own kitchens back home. If they could add anything to their exhibit in future, it would be to showcase their production process, as they generate all of their own energy from renewable sources.


Profile: Health food company Linwoods are also loyal to the BBC Good Food Show. Kathleen Quinn explained that their stand went for maximum impact through their banner, ads, and backdrop all themed with their brand’s colours. Visitors enticed by the healthy food products were a captive audience to staff who were eager to answer questions and extol the brand’s virtues. Kathleen was particularly happy with the way Linwoods’ good online presence contributes to their success at the show.

Le Cordon Bleu London

Profile: The team at Le Cordon Bleu London, world leaders in gastronomy and hospitality, are confident the BBC Good Food Show provides the ideal audience for their brand to communicate what they have to offer. They attend the show every year, represented by some of the most prestigious chefs, and keep the stand’s formula more or less the same as it represents them so well. This year is their 120th anniversary and to celebrate, they had a second stand in the Bakes & Cakes section with a fun workshop drawing in the masses.


Polskie Fuze Vodka Liqueur

Profile: It comes as little surprise that as soon as Polskie Fuze Vodka Liqueur poured out their samples, the stand attracted vast attention. Emerging from her adoring public to speak to us, Katrina told us that every year at the BBC Good Food Show, her brand connected with the right market with their simple stand and clear message. Once customers have a vodka liqueur infused with, say, honeycomb warming their cockles, they are willingly directed to Polskie Fuze’s sister stands, Quiet Irish Man Whiskey and Shannon’s Irish Cream Liqueur.

Quiet Irish Man Whiskey

Profile: It was Quiet Irish Man Whiskey’s first year at the show but they certainly knew how to draw the crowds with their clever display – it showed the story of the whiskey’s creation through two barrels at the front of the stand. The sophisticated presentation added to the brand’s historic, rustic appeal and the samples, served with or without water, did their bit as well, judging by the happy glow on customers’ cheeks.

Little Turban

Profile: Harj at Little Turban, creators of contemporary Indian sauces including the temptingly-named Tangy & Aromatic Makhani Masala and Spicy & Oaky Bourbon Masaledar – raises consumer and brand awareness at BBC Good Food every year. His magic ingredients for success at the show include: never keeping his stand the same, using different styles depending on the size of the stand, free samples and advertising in the show’s magazine. Loyal customers make sure they call in which engenders more interest from passers-by. Nice work, Harj.

Jim Jams

Profile: It was Jim Jams’ first year at the show and they were keen to spread the word about their healthier jams. As they’re about to launch with Ocado, they knew it was the right moment to let consumers know where to buy their jars of No Added Sugar Gluten Free Hazelnut Chocolate Spread or Reduced Sugar Strawberry Jam. Banners brought visitors flocking to the stand, but Jim Jams’ feedback was that next year’s plans would include adding a counter to display more stock with a feature behind it, plus a banner saying CHOCOLATE. Sweet.


Canesmith & Co

Profile: Gourmet confectionery company Canesmith and Co have won many awards despite only being in business for a few months, and one included a bursary to help them exhibit at the show. It wasn’t hard to lure the treat-loving hordes to the stand with samples of divine caramels and taffies. Laura Brown, the brains behind the brand, said she was happy with the brand recognition raised at the show. Next time, they’d like a bigger stand for even greater impact. We’ll be there, devoted as ever to our duties.

Having digested all of the information we so eagerly swallowed, 5 key pointers for show success emerged:

  1. Visual impact – Show your brand in an innovative way to attract the greatest number of visitors to your stand.
  2. Well-staffed stand -Make sure you have the right number of smiling team members manning your stand.
  3. Product knowledge – This is the perfect opportunity to educate visitors about your product/services, so make sure everyone meeting the public is thoroughly briefed and well-informed.
  4. Samples – Everyone loves a freebie and the delights of your product should turn into sales.
  5. Live demonstrations – This builds trust in your product/services and raises engagement with future customers.

Now take a look at our exhibition stands and you’ll have the complete recipe for triumph, again and again.

To see more fantastic images of the stands we visited at this year’s BBC Good Food Show, please see our Pinterest board.

Make the most of every Morsel – BBC Good Food Show London

mary-berry-cakeThe success of TV’s The Great British Bake Off is proof that Brits are more deeply in love with food than ever before. With tummies rumbling and mouths watering, more people than ever are set to burst through the doors of Olympia between 13-15 November for this year’s BBC Good Food Show London.

Celebrity chefs now have rock-star status and there’s a stellar line-up cooking on stage at the Kenwood Supertheatre including Michel Roux, James Martin, Paul Hollywood and, drum roll please – Mary Berry.

Famous hands signing books, a tasting theatre sponsored by Lindt Excellence, pop-up restaurants, street-food vans, shops, craft beers and cocktails… it’s all part of the fun of the fair.

This is also your chance to check out the competition, showcase your latest products, listen to invaluable feedback and gather new leads.

Are you properly prepared to greet the visitors who will make their way to see you? Are you confident you can offer them an unforgettable exhibition experience?

Here are a few basic ingredients to help…

  • Make sure your stand has enough staff to handle the volume of visitors. Train them well – the face of your organisation needs to smile.
  • Never ask ‘can I help you?’ The answer will almost always be ‘no’. Use open questions such as ‘How would you describe the taste of this raspberry beer/organic Cheddar/chocolate-coated locust?’
  • When manning a stand, never eat, swig a drink, use a mobile, sit down or turn your back on the public.
  • ‘Food proof’ your stand. Protect your stand against spillages and stains by using easy clean materials.
  • Keep surface areas and floors clean to avoid injuries such as burns and twisted wrists.
  • Know your way around your workstation before embarking on a live demonstration of any kind. Have several practice runs and memorise where everything is.
  • Provide a survey. Whether you opt for a paper and pen or an iPad, it’s a great way to gauge just how tasty (or not) your dish really is.
  • Have a dedicated area for taking contact details and making sales. While being in the mix is great, taking money across a sugar-covered counter will not make the best impression.
  • Promote yourself! Pre-show promotion and staying connected during the event is crucial or you risk being overlooked.
  • Provide branded bags. Visitors will be happy to have something to carry their freebies around in and they’ll act as unpaid advertisers at the same time. Win-win.

Tease the taste buds

  • BBC Good Food Show visitors know their onions (especially if they’re caramelised) and they’ll be eager to try old favourites as well as new flavours. Make sure your best-selling products are displayed beautifully whether they’re on sale or samples.
  • If you’ve done a great job, the food on offer will disappear as fast as you present it. Make sure you have enough supplies so that you don’t run out. Don’t waste this unique opportunity.
  • Clearly list all of the ingredients in whatever you’re serving. People will ask anyway but, most importantly, you’ll avoid the risk of an allergic reaction.
  • DO NOT attempt to eat super spicy food in a live demonstration if you can’t handle it…

Finish it off with a cherry on top

  • Entice the crowd with a deliciously-colourful stand. Choose shades that reflect your brand and products.
  • Don’t be afraid to accessorise. Whether you choose an iPad stand, literature stand, or banner stand, use accessories to bring everything together and boast your USP.
  • Entertainment can also be important and as long as it’s relevant to your brand, include it. Whilst you might be doing a live demonstration inside of your stand, what’s stopping you from bringing it into the crowd? Think outside of the box.
  • See more tips on images and (stand) design.
  • After the show, follow up on leads to make the most of your investment.

sliced-foodRemember, the way to this nation’s heart is through its stomach. So chop all of the above in equal quantities, cook well, and garnish with style – that way, your customers will be coming back for seconds, thirds and more…


*Mary Berry cake image from

Design Inspiration this Exhibition Season

As exhibition season is in full swing, we decided to take a look at a few brands that have thought outside of the box and implemented innovation to elevate the ‘traditional’ exhibition experience.

Using their products to grab attention and create an aesthetically pleasing display, we thought that this selection of designs would be perfect if you were in need of some inspiration to ‘wow’ your visitors.

It doesn’t matter how big or small your stand space is either because, the truth is, products are always ideal to showcase because visitors love to experience them before they buy. So why not let these brands inspire you to take your stand to the next level by incorporating your products…


Famed for their purple branding and quirky designs, Cadbury created the perfect experience with this custom stand. Mimicking their delectable chocolate potted treat, this stand was complete with chocolate splodges and a spoon.



The German car manufacturer got it right with this exhibition stand. Promoting their A1 model, they created a stand incorporating the car and put huge signage above it in the shape of an ‘A’. What a great way to stand out!


Sheilas’ Wheels

Covering their stand in the bright pink that they’re renowned for, Sheilas’ made sure that their signature car was front and centre in this simplistic design. They instantly drew attention and ensured that their stand was recognisable to all who passed by.



Windows went all out at the Gadget show when they displayed their Windows 8 tablet above their stand for all of the world to see. With each screen showing a different variation of the Start Menu, Windows successfully showed visitors just how customisable their product is. What a great way to show your product in action!



Exhibition regulars Nokia went for quirky and clever with this design. With an archway that looks like a pair of headphones, this stand made a huge impact and perfectly demonstrated how firms can incorporate products into their design idea.



Samsung’s design for their first ever, and the world’s first ever curved UHD TV saw them incorporate curves of all contours into their design along with the UHD TV itself. The design and the product in its many sizes grabbed and held the attention of those visiting.



Adorning the inside and out with some of their most famous confectionery treats, this American brand displayed a range of their products on store-inspired shelving providing all who entered with a back- to- childhood candy-shop experience.



For more inspiration on how to use your products as a part of your exhibition design, see our board on Pinterest.


*All images can be found on Pinterest.


How Billboards went from Being Images on Paper to Dispensers of Free Beer

The billboard was around long before the aeroplane and it’s a form of advertising that has permeated every part of the globe. It’s the largest canvas a brand has, allowing them to display their message with such prominence that it’s hard for people not to stare.

Taking over the physical landscape in a way that no other form of advertising ever has, or probably ever will, we take a look at the billboard’s life from its inception in the 1830s to the present day…

1830s – The Billboard is Born

The earliest billboard was in the form of local roadside advertising in the US. Businesses would paint signs on walls and glue posters to fences or walls. A local thing, a pharmacy, for example, would display a large poster nearby to let passers-by know what they were selling.

Early billboards were generally quite small but that all changed in 1835 New York when Jared Bell introduced the large format American poster. A game changer, the current billboard posters of the day paled in comparison to Bell’s 50 square foot head turner.


Ringling Bros And Barnum & Bailey (circus poster) – Other industries soon followed suit. Image from

1860s – An Industry is Established

By the late 1860s a whole new industry had been established and the earliest recorded lease of a billboard took place in 1867. By 1870, close to 300 bill posting and sign painting businesses were operating in the US.

1890s – Co-ordination and Control

The Associated Bill Posters’ Association of the US and Canada was formed in Chicago and, according to the Outdoor Advertising Association of America, this was to “provide an expanded nationwide organisation for coordinating the services offered by member companies” as well as to deal with any “ethical concerns of early industry leaders”.
It was at this time that billboards became a part of the big league.

1900s – A Standard is Born

A standardised structure and size for billboards was introduced in 1990. The result? The billboard market exploded in a good way.

Big brands quickly jumped on board as they knew that the same ad could fit any billboard nationwide. Companies like Kellogg’s and Coca-Cola started mass-producing billboards as part of a national marketing effort and things have never been the same.

Coca-Cola Santa

Original Santa holiday ad “Thirst Asks For Nothing More”. Image from

2005 – Billboards go Digital

The next big change for billboards happened in 2005. By this point, most industries were going digital in some way, shape or form.

As so eloquently put it, the digital billboard introduced the ability to “provide timely, high-resolution advertising for multiple clients”. This enabled billboards to cement themselves as a relevant option at a time when marketing managers worldwide were flooded with highly engaging advertising options.


A Clear Channel digital billboard. Image from

2010 to the Present day – Moving Beyond the Screen

Whenever a new advertising technique/medium is unleashed into the world, it is met with a heightened sense of intrigue, interest and engagement from consumers. But as the new technique/medium becomes commonplace, consumers soon lose interest, become largely desensitised to it and engagement falls.

Over the last ten years, billboards have sought to reignite and maintain engagement and interest in a number of incredibly creative ways. They have moved beyond the two dimensional digital screen and in many cases, even beyond the traditional rectangle that the billboard had restricted itself to for decades.

Free beer Anyone?

If you happened to be near the Old Brewery Pub in London in April this year, you would’ve been greeted by a snaking queue of Londoners all waiting their turn to stand in front of a billboard.
This wasn’t just any billboard though. This was a Carlsberg billboard with a built in pump dispensing cool, fresh beer.
Their marketing message plainly stated “probably the best poster in the world”.


Click for video

If we look at the evolution of the billboard, we see that advertisers are constantly trying to make them more engaging and personal whilst trying to break them free of their two dimensional mass marketing reputation.

Interestingly, this puts exhibitions and trade shows in an even more special place in today’s crowded marketing landscape. The exhibition is one of the only ways in which a brand can form a deep, meaningful and lasting connection with their target market – something all advertising and marketing methods strive to achieve. And the exhibition achieves this effortlessly, through good old face-to-face interaction. Perhaps billboards can inspire us to do more with exhibition stands… watch this space.

A Board’s Uses – Say Goodbye to Boring Boards

A Boards and pavement signs are a very effective tool to catch the eye of a passer-by and they need to be able to do just that; they often sit in key locations and should be maximised because of this. We’ve taken a look at a couple of ways that people use A boards.

To shout over here

A well placed board can drive valuable customers your direction. We recommend the use of bold strong designs showing exactly who you are, whether this be your brand if recognisable, if not then descriptive imagery and plain simple text; its key to keep things uncomplicated and interesting to the passer-by. You need to instantly gain their interest whether it be jogging their memory of who you are and where you are or create intrigue and interest for a potentially new customer.

Special offers

Your boards are an effective way to show any special offers you’re currently running; it can quickly and visually represent any deals you want to shout about. It’s a great way to get a customer interested, everyone loves a special offer so utilise this with easy to understand graphics which will punch home your deal, grabbing their attention instantly.

Things of interest

New products, new lines, upcoming events, anything that might create interest to the user about your company its products or services. A teaser of a new product or upcoming event will always create great interest from the viewer.

Location, Location, Location

Think carefully about where your board will be placed when positioning it and more important designing it. Is there any nearby seats or coffee/ food shops this could allow more information to be portrayed to the viewer? Is it a thorough through or are people tending to pass by slowly? Get out there if you can walk past where your board is likely to be and get an understanding of how the average customer will see what you are trying to portray, then correctly design your board with this in mind.

Important Things to Know

Getting your spelling wrong may lead to awkward situations or could maybe just be a handy talking point!

Starting to Plan for Exhibition Season

As we are in the midst of preparing to exhibit at the Elite Business Event next week, I’ve got a few tips to help you choose the right exhibition, equipment and messages to display to help drive sales and awareness:

How to choose the right exhibition

Deciding which exhibition is right for your business can seem like a daunting task, but it’s important to make sure that you carefully research the exhibition before making any decisions. Consider the demographic of people that will be attending and whether that matches your typical customer that you want to engage with. If it does, then the exhibition may make it to your shortlist of ‘potential’ exhibitions to attend.

Once you have a shortlist, consider the total cost of exhibiting at that event – including costs that you may not otherwise consider at this stage including budget for travel and exhibition equipment.

Use this figure to work out how much you would need to take to break even from attending the event. If this is an unachievable amount, then it may not be the right event for you to gain a good return on investment.

What exhibition stand equipment do I need?

3x2 corner modular exhibition stand L shaped

Once you know where you are going to exhibit, your next step will be to choose what exhibiting equipment you need to take with you. This will largely be determined by the stand space you have available and of course your budget!

If you have a low budget and a small stand space, then items such as a printed branded tablecloth and a banner stand are a great start to exhibiting, allowing you to display your items or talk to potential customers on a professional looking stand.

On the other side of the spectrum are larger, 3mx4m exhibition stand spaces which will need considerably more branded displays. This could include a complete modular kit, shell scheme graphics and pop up stands to create a printed backwall.

Accessories that can also aid sales and compliment your chosen display include literature stands and counters that can be used for any size of stand.

How to design your stand

When designing your exhibition stand, it’s important to consider what information is important to tell passersby to drive them to your stand. I’d always advise to keep your messages short and simple – less text is often more impactful when it comes to getting people’s attention. With displays, your aim should be to get their attention to drive them to your stand – it’s then your job to convert them to leads and sales.

Focus on your unique selling points to tell people why they should stop and talk to you and make sure that your logo can be seen from afar for brand awareness.

Top Blogs of 2014

As we reflect on what a great year 2014 was, we’d like to share our top 5 moments from our blog last year as we think they’re still great!!

1. Naughty exhibitors caught in the act

One of our most popular blog posts ever came from our infographic on naughty exhibitors! With our findings controversially showing that over 60% of exhibitors are naughty and don’t adhere to best practice, this article and infographic image helps future exhibitors to learn from their mistakes and make sure they are following best practice.

Read more 

2. Make your exhibiting strategy a hit

We all know that exhibiting can provide a great ROI as well as having far reaching benefits of increasing brand awareness for future purchases. But in this blog we show you how you can make sure your exhibiting strategy is a hit and not a flop, taking inspiration from some well-known tunes.

Read more

3. Ready Freddie Go wins Marler Haley’s charity competition 2014

Our charity competition is always a highlight in our calendar as we love to see the winning charity walk away with some new snazzy displays. With 65% of the vote, in 2014 Ready Freddie Go stole voters’ hearts and won £346 worth of display equipment to help raise awareness of the important work they do. We’re looking forward to launching this year’s competition later this year!

Read more

4. Finding the right banner stand for your needs

We know that deciding what banner stand can sometimes feel like a hard decision with so many choices and price points to choose from. So this article set out to take the hardship out of choosing a banner and makes it easy to choose one that will suit your needs to gain a great ROI.

Read more

5. Prepare your zombie apocalypse exhibition plan

With our fun interactive quiz, this zombie themed post asked exhibitors a few simple questions to find out how long you’d survive on an exhibition floor if it were ridden with zombies. With a few top tips to follow up the quiz, this blog was a sure hit for some top advice as well as a bit of Halloween fun.

Read more


Exhibitor Trends in 2015

Back to the future on FlickrAlthough I am yet to own a pair of self-tying shoelaces and I am not wearing an abundance of silver as predicted in the future year of 2015 in ‘Back to the Future Part II’, there are many advances that we can see coming for exhibitors that are set to become a reality this year. Here take a look at three things that can help you to stay on-trend and can help your business excel on the exhibition floor this year:

1. Fabric is the new black

2015 is the year of the fabric graphic and I think it’s here to stay. Having recently boomed in popularity in America, the Mexican wave of popularity is now starting to be seen with an increase in demand in the UK.

What makes a fabric graphic so different from what people would see as a ‘traditional’ display, is that standard displays are printed onto semi rigid panels that are cut to size to create banners, or can be matched side-by-side and fitted to a frame to create the illusion of a seamless background, with pop ups being one of the most common display units. Larger exhibition backwalls and shell scheme graphics can also be produced.

Fabric graphics on the other hand are created using one piece of fabric which is printed on and pulled taught over a frame to create different shaped exhibition stands. This allows fabric exhibition stands to become a versatile choice as they are lighter and easier to assemble than their pop up friends and really do create a seamless backdrop.  The fabric is also much easier to care for than standard, keeping it looking great for much longer.

The ability to create unique shaped stands that take up less floor space also allows exhibitors to go the extra mile with the ergonomics of their stand, with more space available to engage with visitors.

Watch this space as we increase our range of fabric graphics in 2015!

2. Continued integration of digital

With many homes now imbedding digital elements into their hearts with smart central heating systems that can be controlled remotely and most households – and indeed people – having multiple electronic devices, I don’t think anyone can doubt that we are in a digital era. Industry figures even tell us that the use of mobile and tablet devices attribute to over half the website visits seen for eCommerce websites (EQ3 2014 by Monetate).

For the exhibition industry, this continual rise in the use of smartphones (soon to be called ‘phones’?) and tablets and their integration into our everyday lives means an increase in expectation to use some form of digital element on-stand. Far from costing the earth, it’s becoming increasingly easy to do this on a budget using iPad stands to show your visitors your website, to build trust as well as to help with data inputting.

Although trusty paper copies of lead generation forms are still used in many exhibition halls, this year should also see a rise in electronically generated forms being used. Not only does this save you from the tedious job of inputting post-show and deciphering cryptic handwriting, but it also allows a speedier response post-show.

See more ways you can integrate digital on-stand without breaking the bank in this blog from 2014.

3. Millennials boom

Millennials are people who were born in the early 1980’s up to the early 2000s and will be of increased focus as an important target audience this year. As more millennials work their way up the corporate ladder, they are influential decision makers that many have predicted to boom this year.

As a distinctive audience, millennials come with their own challenges for engagement at exhibitions. They are often referred to as having an expectation of wanting a ‘when-I-want-it-where-I-want-it experience’.

For exhibitors, this means engaging with them fast and preferably, digitally. If you’re using digital engagement on-stand, whether that’s a game, or as a lead generation tool, then think about ways that you can follow this up quickly to keep them engaged and hopefully convert. This could include an automated ‘thank you for visiting’ us email, or even providing an opportunity to engage with your brand on a more personal level while they’re on-stand– such as liking and commenting your page on Facebook.

Just don’t bombard this group with paper information, as the chances are it’ll end up in the recycling bin!

Photo credit: AdamL212 Back to the Future DeLorean Time Machine on Flickr (CC2.0)





Selection Box Top Tips to Help your 2015 Exhibiting Plan

As Christmas lurks around the corner we know that many businesses are already thinking about what lies ahead for 2015.

As it’s nearly Christmas, here’s a selection box of articles, new products and guides to help kick-start your exhibiting strategy next year to help reach your aims.

Oh and to lend an extra helping hand, we’re also giving everybody 10% off orders placed by phone until 30 January 2015 when quoting this offer (Ts and Cs apply).

From all of us at Marler Haley, we hope you have a Merry Christmas & a Happy New Year!

Christmas baubels red glitter 1. Setting objectives for exhibitions

Success can mean many things to many different people, but it’s important to make sure that you know what success means for your business and how you are going to measure it before the event has begun. Find out how to set your exhibiting objectives: Read more.

2. Benefits of incorporating digital at an event for your business

Adding digital engagement to your stand doesn’t have to be all about games and expensive integration. There are affordable means of incorporating digital onto your stand and using it to assist your sales goals. Here, we talk about three common problems that are faced by exhibitors, along with how these can be resolved by integrating digital elements on stand: Read more.

3. How to choose the right Banner stand for your needs

With different looking bases, standard and wide sizes and graphic options, it’s no wonder that sourcing the right banner stand can be hard. This handy guide will help you hack the world of buying a banner stand with helpful checklists along the way to help you make an informed decision: Read more.

Modular exhibition stand4. Ready for the next exhibiting leap

If you’re looking for the next step up from pop up displays, then you could consider our new self-built modular displays. Not only do they provide you with more floor space on your exhibition stand to invite visitors in, but the stand can be fully customised with your printed graphics to provide a neat back wall for your exhibition.

Combine with a counter and your sales team and hey-presto, you could be ready to exhibit!

These ‘off-the-shelf’ kits cover exhibition stand spaces from 2×3 to 4×3 metres wide. With one sided, two sided and three sided options available to account for different exhibition stand locations, they can either be freestanding or fit within a shell scheme. Find out more about these modular exhibition systems or call us today on 0808 149 4667 to order.

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