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Celebrating our first birthday banner

First birthday bannerFirsts are always important, momentous occasions worthy of celebrating.

So for my daughter’s first birthday, we decided to have a party – and to have a party we needed a birthday party banner.

I wanted something that was big enough to act as a centre piece for our entire party theme of fairy tale /princesses.

Luckily enough, we’d just created a few banner designs using our online artwork creator tool so I was eager to try one out.

With a mixture of designs, I could have chosen pirates, bunting, dinosaurs and more… but my heart and party theme was set on pink princesses.

So, I gave the tool a test drive to design my very own birthday banner. (more…)

Top 5 products of 2015

We’re very excited about the year ahead and have a number of exciting products coming to the site in 2016! These new products will be joining our already exciting line up which include these top 5 products of 2015…

Genesis roller banner stand

ZoomGenesis-Roller-Banner-Stand-Front-71Genesis is our top seller so it’s no wonder it’s made our top 5 list.

With a roll out premium non-curl graphic and recently added multibuy options available, Genesis boasts many other positives including price and ease of use. As a popular product, Genesis has been at the centre of many promotions in the past. It currently features in the design your own section of the site and has been available for 2 for £99 on multiple occasions. For Black Friday, this stand was on offer for 2 for £90.

3×3 curved Veloce pop up kit

Veloce pop-up banner

The 3×3 curved Veloce is the medium sized pop up stand with the ability to command attention wherever it’s placed. It’s the kit that has seen particular preference this year. The kit includes the stand with your custom design graphic, two lights for extra illumination of your message and a wheeled carry case that doubles as a counter – a printed graphic wrap is included.

Perfect for retail environments and a range of events such as conferences and exhibitions, the Veloce has a choice of either graphic or fabric panels and can be assembled by one person.

Horizontal curved zip up

Zip-Up-Horizontal-curve-Fabric-DisplayThe perfect alternative to the pop up display, the Horizontal curved zip up is lightweight, quick and easy to assemble and comes with a seamless one piece graphic that is printed using our dye- sublimation technique.

Whether you choose a single or double sided graphic, this is perfect if you need a big backdrop for an event such as an exhibition; it’s even perfect if you need a semi-permanent display in your place of work.

MH Senior folding kit

Folding Display Board System Display Board Parts

Available in 14 Expoloop fabric colours, compatible with our Dots and Dash hook fasteners, and flexible because you can easily join panels together with a hinge, the Senior folding kit is lightweight and perfect for displaying literature, posters and small artsy items.

Whether you need the kit for a school presentation or large scale seminar, this is the perfect display for displaying information and changing it quickly!

Freedom feather flag

Freedom-Feather-FlagThe freedom feather flag is not only lightweight but it’s available in a range of sizes. Ranging from 2500mm high to 5200mm, this flag saw a surge in popularity when we introduced an express production option to all four sizes.

With the ability to withstand winds of up to 18mph and the flexibility of being used on soft ground by way of a ground stake or on solid ground with a weighted base, the promotional opportunities are endless with the Freedom feather.

Top 5 Blogs of 2015

2015 has been a fantastic year. We’ve had many great moments as a business and that includes what’s been happening on our blog. We’d like to take this time to share 5 of our top blogs from this year with you…


  1. Charity Competition Finalists 2015

    This year was our biggest year in terms of entries and visibility for the Marler Haley Charity Competition. This was also one of our best performing blog post of 2015 with more than 750 social shares! The winner of this year’s competition was Animal Rescue Cumbria who won with a massive 816 votes.
    Keep an eye out for next year’s competition.

  2. Fabric displays, are they the future?

    Pop up stands have been dominant in the world of portable displays for many years but finally, they have a very popular rival: the fabric display. The fabric display boasts many pros including being much lighter than its traditional counterpart, having a machine washable shell, and let’s not forget the fact that the fabric display is very easy to assemble.

  3. Freestanding displays vs shell scheme graphics 

    Do you know how to best utilise your shell scheme space? This post takes a look at the pros and cons of both shell scheme graphics and freestanding displays whether it’s a pop up display or banner stand.

  4. Our top 5 favourite products

    We have many amazing products on the Marler Haley site and decided to pick our top 5 favourites back in June. The products were chosen because they’re a mix of quality, reliability, excellence and innovation. The Maxi roller banner stand and Veloce pop up are just two products that were picked!

  5. Starting to plan for exhibition season

    This timeless piece takes a look at how to choose the right exhibition, what equipment you need and also how to design your stand. If you need help with any of these things or simply want to refresh yourself on the best way to raise awareness and drive sales, this piece might be of use.

Behind the Glass Display

Whilst it’s great to see and touch products at an exhibition, there are some products that are too priceless to touch and so remain behind glass.

The glass display showcases some of the most precious and expensive products. From jewellery exhibitions to fancy antique fairs, the glass display enables you to look and not touch.


Glass displays not only protect valuable items but they showcase them in an elegant way. Image:

We take a look at six of the most valuable exhibitions in the antique and jewellery industries that are viewed behind the glass.

The glittering Goldsmiths Fair

Often referred to as the king of jewellery exhibition events, the Goldsmiths Fair is held in September/October every year at the grand Goldsmiths Hall in St Paul’s, London.

This two week experience allows you to see a dazzling display of hundreds of independent designs in silver and gold with just about every piece of jewellery you can imagine.

Learn the past at the Sunbury Antiques Market

If you’re interested in learning about the past then look no further than the antiques market at Kempton Park Race Course.

With free admission and parking and more than 700 stands jam packed with historical pieces that are too expensive to touch, you really can’t get any better.

The world of unique crafts at the Origin

The Origin is the Craft Council’s contemporary fair held on an annual basis at Spitalfields Market. With an impressive number of jewellery, ceramics and texture displays with the tagline of “Made not Manufactured”, you will most definitely see a whole host of unique 21st century pieces behind glass.

This is a great exhibition for encouraging new ideas and innovations.

Collectors can enjoy Helmsley Antiques and Vintage Fair

This collectors fair is regarded as one of the best in the country. After it was first established back in 1979 it has become a popular event – and for good reason.

With a great selection of antiques and collectables there is plenty to see and enjoy during the five-day exhibition during Easter and New Year, so make sure you take plenty of time to look around!

Be part of the future with Craft Central Open Studios

Craft Central is a pioneering not-for-profit organisation that is dedicated to building a strong future for craft and design. Each year they hold a range of open studios where both members and the general public can meet the jewellery and craft designers in their studios and take a look at their latest collections.

Everything will be locked away in glass displays but it is most definitely a feast for the eyes.

Gloucester Goes Retro Festival

This festival takes centre stage every August bank holiday when the city of Gloucester goes back in time. Each street is themed to a different era, hosting classic and retro fashion items and garments.

Whilst many items will be available to touch and buy, the most expensive will be hidden away behind glass.


A stylish and contemporary display solution, the glass cabinet is a great way to display precious items that you’d like to keep safe.

Fantastic Fabric

zip-up-blok1Exciting and contemporary, fabric exhibition displays bring a whole new dimension to any event.

The vast size and curved lines of the fabric display are guaranteed to help you create the ultimate wow factor and attract visitors to your stand.

How Fabric Exhibition Stands Work

The fabric is designed to stretch tight through tension as it’s slipped over a supporting framework which is normally made from light aluminium tubing. Giving your graphics a fabulous look which stands out, the frame also ensures that your graphic remains wrinkle free, providing you with a seamless backdrop.

The Benefits of a Fabric Display

Fabric displays come in a range of shapes and sizes and provide many benefits.

  • Regardless of the shape and size, all fabric displays have a lightweight click- fit frame which is easy to assemble and take down. The click- fit frame packs away easily too.
  • Fabric displays are made up of a one piece, scratch and crease resistant graphic that is seamless when attached to the frame. Use your graphic over and over again and make an impact each time.
  • Graphics are printed in to the fabric as opposed to on to it meaning that you can wash it as many times as needed without worrying about fading and cracking. When folded and packed away, it also takes up very little room.
  • The whole display is very easy to transport which is great news for travelling salesmen who want to exhibit their brand throughout the country and worldwide.
  • And for those of you that are environmentally conscious, one of the best benefits of the fabric display is that once you’re finished with it, it can be recycled.


What does Fabric have to Offer?

Fabric is fantastic for offering a fresh, new, and exciting alternative to more traditional exhibition stand displays meaning you get the chance to stand out from the competition. And why not choose to stand out? Exhibition halls are, generally, filled to the brim with pops and banners. It’s important to remember that your stand speaks louder than you do about your brand so if you’re trying to convince people that you’re innovative, you need to show it.

Not only will a fabric display give you the chance to shine and own the show but it will bring the focus onto you and get people talking to and about you. Fabric is vibrant, fresh, and shows your clients that you’re doing something different. It offers you the chance to mix things up which is important in the world of business.

Freestanding Displays vs. Shell Scheme Graphics

As exhibition season is approaching, we thought it might be useful to take a look at how to utilise your shell scheme space. The system is usually always provided by the event organiser so you need to decide whether you’re going to opt for shell scheme graphics or fill the space with freestanding display equipment.


Shell Schemes

Flexitol-LadermaShell scheme panels are typically 2400mm x 1000mm but can vary depending on the exhibition. We recommend you check before ordering. If a custom size is required, we can create panels to fit.


Shell schemes always include walling and might even include lighting to help you illuminate your message and stand out amongst the crowd.

This sleek design option means that you don’t use up any of your floor space – you’re provided with maximum space to use for prospective clients.

These rollable PVC panels are lightweight and easy to pack away making travelling hassle free.

Panels can be custom built to fit your venue.

Graphics attach using either Velcro or magnetic strips. Quick and easy!

You can create one big message with individual panels or take users on a journey with each panel.

Your graphics can be as vibrant or as simplistic as you like.


Shell scheme systems aren’t universal. Your panels from one won’t always fit another meaning that if you were hoping to exhibit with the same message, you might have to repurchase.


Asking for a panel size that can fit all. If you know your stand sizes in advance (and your objectives are the same for each show), you could work your production and design teams to find a middle size that could work across all of your shell scheme systems.

Adding technological interaction to your walling. Technology is a great way to grab the attention of attendees.

Using a freestanding display or two in your shell scheme. iPad holders, literature stands and even a banner stand can still add plenty of value whilst taking up minimal space.

Freestanding Displays

MK ServicesFreestanding displays cover a range of display equipment such as pop up stands and banners. If you have a space only stand or are exhibiting somewhere smaller, this might well be the option for you.


Freestanding displays are portable, freestanding and usually lightweight.

These displays come in a range of sizes from the horizontal fabric stand through to the literature rack and humble banner stand. Anything that stands by itself can be used in your exhibition space and can be used as a freestanding display.

Whether you have a large space or a small space, you have plenty of room to play with. Let your imagination run free.

Depending on your objectives for future shows you can use your displays time and time again. You could also use them semi- permanently in reception areas.

If your venue allows it, you could add a modular wall for extra branding. Not only could you add an interactive screen here but you’d be able to claw back any space you might have lost by using your other displays.

If your stand is predominantly freestanding then it’s likely that you’ll have more than one open side. This is an advantage as attendees can walk in from more than one side, opening your stand up to more business.


It’s easy to get carried away and clutter your space. Remember, the more equipment you buy is the more space you use up. This is space you could use to entertain potential clients.


Using different types of displays to save space. The classic Veloce pop up takes up more room than a fabric display, for example. It’s an excellent alternative if you need more space.


Your venue will almost always dictate the type of space you’ll be exhibiting in but if you ever have a choice, it’s always worth considering your objectives before making a decision.

Do you require lots of space to entertain clients? Or do you just need a small amount of space? What’s your budget like?

As we’ve seen, shell schemes can work out to be cheaper, even if it is a very large space.

Your design is vital. Regardless of whether your main focus will be a space saving fabric display or the branded panels of your shell scheme, we believe these design tips might be of use.

Stand out with a Freedom Street Flag

The Freedom Street Flag commands attention.
As this flag is worn on the back, it’s very hard to miss making it perfect for promoting your brand, product or special offer.

Promotion has Never been Easier or more Instant

Perfect for advertising on the move, this flag is hands-free, lightweight, and bound to pique the interest of those who see it. It’s also easy to assemble. Simply attach the flag to the pole, insert into the backpack, and put it on.

Three Different flag Shapes to Choose fromStreetflag Teardrop

The street flag is available in a feather, teardrop and edge shape. The feather stands at 1.2 metres and the teardrop and feather are less than 1 metre.

There’s bound to be a street flag that can help you stand out and further promote your brand.

The best Alternative to the Sandwich Board

Need to drum up some more sales for your brand? Want everybody to know about your new location? Perhaps you’re simply trying to direct people to your food sampling station. Either way, it’s goodbye sandwich board and hello street flag!

The days of wearing a heavy board are gone. It’s time to embrace this lightweight and comfortable piece of innovative advertising equipment.
Whether you choose to display only your brand logo or opt to include a short USP along with it, the street flag is worth considering if you hope to increase sales.

Raise Awareness

As well as sales, the street flag is perfect for raising awareness of your charity.
Whether you’re at a charity event or in the middle of the city centre on a Saturday afternoon, the street flag not only helps you raise awareness but, it works well as a signpost for the public to let them know where they can find you.

Always be visible

Regardless of whether you’re trying to increase sales, raise awareness, or you simply need to be easily identifiable to the public or a specific group (think a teacher to her class on a school trip or a tour guide to their group), this flag is definitely worth considering.

Our top 5 Favourite Products

We have many amazing products on the site and thought we’d pick our top 5 favourites to help you out. These products are a mix of quality, reliability, excellence and innovation.

In no particular order…

Maxi Roller Banner Stand


A version of our very popular Genesis stand, the Maxi offers a larger graphic area at 850mm wide. Not only can you spread your message over a bigger banner but you can also be seen from afar as the Maxi stands at 2100mm high!

This stand works well at exhibitions and conferences as an added extra to your display and it can also hold its own and work individually too.

Why the Maxi Roller Banner Stand?

  • 850mmm wide
  • Quick to assemble
  • The graphic is anti-curl and won’t delaminate after a few uses
  • We’ll provide you with a 10 year guarantee.*

Veloce Pop up Display Stand

The Veloce Pop up Display Stand is an instant solution to your display needs. Assembling in minutes and ideal to use in shell schemes or stand alone, this display system provides you with a seamless graphic. As a bonus, its wheeled carry case doubles as a counter and comes with its own custom graphic wrap that can be attached quickly and easily.

The fully branded pop up works well at trade shows and the counter with its custom graphic wrap is perfect for displaying products or gathering data. When used together, you can be sure that your brand will be promoted well.

Why the Veloce Pop up Display Stand?

  • Easy to assemble
  • The wheeled carry case turns into a counter complete with graphic wrap
  • Lighting easily attaches to the top of the display helping your brand stand out even more to the passerby.
  • You’ll receive a 10 year guarantee with this display.*

Table Top Display Board Kit

This lightweight and easily assembled kit is made up of a senior folding display board system, a portable folding table and one full colour, branded tablecloth. A fantastic kit made for any indoor location, the Table Top Display Board Kit has been used at conferences, seminars and fundraising events to name a few.

Purchasing these products together as a kit not only means you’ll save 10%, but you’ll be able to immediately promote your cause, fundraise or exhibit from the moment you set up.

Why the Display Board Kit?

  • Easy to set up
  • The display board allows you to quickly and easily change your messages as and when needed
  • The tablecloth is Pantone matched (perfect colour matching for your brand) AND…
  • The ink is printed in to the material (sub-dye printed) meaning the colour won’t fade after a few washes and your logo will remain intact.

Counter & Computer Work Station 500

This counter and workstation is perfect for not only displaying your products but gathering information from interested visitors to your stand.
Available in a range of colours, there’s also the flexibility to add a custom graphic wrap meaning you can further promote your brand.

You can also choose from a black, beech, silver or white counter top and for usability, can opt to add an internal shelf. Overall, this is a fantastic addition to your brand as it can be adapted to work for you depending on how you need it.

Why the Counter & Computer Work Station 500?Freedom-Feather-Flag

  • Assembles in minutes
  • Holds up to 90kgs of weight
  • There are many custom options available.

Freedom Feather Outdoor Flag

And because summer has finally come around, we’ve chosen the Freedom Feather Outdoor Flag as our final top 5 favourite product.
Lightweight and weather resistant with the ability to withstand winds of up to 18mph, our feather flag comes in a variety of sizes with the tallest standing at 5.2 metres!

This flag is sure to help you stand out during the busiest of periods and with our prices including your custom graphic, promoting your brand and its products/ services is made simple.

Why the Freedom Feather Outdoor Flag?

  • Weather resistant with the ability to withstand winds of up to 18mph
  • Choose from a range of bases to support your flag
  • Lightweight and easy to transport.


*Please note that our 10 year guarantee covers manufacturing defects ONLY.

**Please also note that once your display has been delivered, you have 7 days from the delivery date to report any issues to us (manufacturing or otherwise).

Make an Impact with Hanging Banners

Think about all of that wasted space where eyes stare at blank walls or open rooms.
The simple use of a hanging banner could fill that space with colourful, informative images and text, whilst not stealing valuable floor space.

Whether you’re a car dealership wanting to shout about a new car, a gallery promoting upcoming events or a gym announcing new offers, hanging a banner will attract that all important attention and get your message across.

Marler Haley hanging banners are ultra lightweight and simple to hanghanging-banner

Made from an ultra-lightweight fabric and using a simple rail system with easy to use snap action, you can quickly replace and change your banner depending on the message you wish to portray. This ultra-lightweight fabric and simple hanging system means it can easily be hung in various locations including walls or ceilings, relieving any concerns of being restricted by awkward locations or unsuitable structures.

As well as using our rail system to mount your display, you can also hang your banner with plastic or metal eyelets from the ceiling, tables or even raised from the floor. This enables your display to be viewed at a range of eye-levels, capturing all those wandering glances.

We offer a variety of options to suit your requirements

Varying size options are available from 500mm to 1200mm wide. If you require something that bit bigger though, custom options are available.

There are also considerations to think of when choosing the design and placement of your hanging banner. With the printed fabric you will get a 70% show through of your design, therefore you need to carefully consider how it might look if you have text on the banner. If you know both sides will be viewable we can sew two banners together within the custom options, giving you that extra coverage.

Hanging banners are versatile and eye catching

Hanging banners are a great way of livening up a blank space and they allow a quick and easy way of bringing interest and intrigue to a wasted space. Make a stairwell become bright, colourful and an excellent marketing tool to grab your customer’s attention for future events and deals, new products or anything else you wish to advertise.

Think about a great magician. They will carefully use the power of persuasion, subconsciously inserting an idea into the mind of the person.
This is exactly what a hanging banner can do.

Introducing our new Advertising Block

Marler Haley are announcing a cutting edge new product! We introduce to you our advertising block which allows you to display any substrate, cut and print exactly the way you want. We can print onto acrylic and foam board which can both help provide that unique and eye-capturing finish.

What makes this product truly special is the fact that you get to choose your own custom shape for your graphic, printed exactly to your requirements; whether that be from a basic logo to a giant chicken!

Acrylicadvertising block

Your designs can either be printed onto clear acrylic or opal acrylic, giving you the finish you require.

The clear acrylic is totally transparent to clearly view your design. Marler Haley carry out a process called reverse printing where the graphic is printed in reverse on the back of the acrylic and then the design is shown through. This means that the customer can then see the design through the back of the acrylic, giving an eye-capturing cloudy effect. Customers also have the option to leave some of the design blank so that you can see completely through the design, ensuring your brand stands out.

Alternatively, the opal acrylic gives a frosted effect as the graphic is printed on the front and the back is heavily frosted so you can’t really see the graphic. This is a more expensive option but is capable of grabbing bags of attention.

We cut the graphic out using a laser on a state of the art Blackman & White iCutter. As part of the process to complete that high-end look, we also use a flame polish that smooths out the edges.

Either way, if you’re looking for a luxurious finish then our printed acrylic is an ideal option. Acrylic is not only extremely hardwearing but it provides a way to promote your design with a completely new edge and feel.


If you’re on a slightly lighter budget then our foamboard option is a more cost effective solution than the acrylic, but not as hard wearing. We would recommend this option when customers are going to change their message regularly or have a short campaign. This is also cut out on the Blackman & White iCutter but with a knife rather than a laser but, it still allows for those intricate shapes.


advertising block standThe base is simple and lightweight which means it’s transportable so you can display your graphics absolutely anywhere. There are also various sizes to choose from to accommodate a range of varying sized prints.

Our advertising blocks with custom shaped prints are great to use in any retail environment. They provide a way to promote a product or brand in a stand-out way so, to really get noticed, order an advertising block with print today.

Call us on 0808 149 4663

A Board’s Uses – Say Goodbye to Boring Boards

A Boards and pavement signs are a very effective tool to catch the eye of a passer-by and they need to be able to do just that; they often sit in key locations and should be maximised because of this. We’ve taken a look at a couple of ways that people use A boards.

To shout over here

A well placed board can drive valuable customers your direction. We recommend the use of bold strong designs showing exactly who you are, whether this be your brand if recognisable, if not then descriptive imagery and plain simple text; its key to keep things uncomplicated and interesting to the passer-by. You need to instantly gain their interest whether it be jogging their memory of who you are and where you are or create intrigue and interest for a potentially new customer.

Special offers

Your boards are an effective way to show any special offers you’re currently running; it can quickly and visually represent any deals you want to shout about. It’s a great way to get a customer interested, everyone loves a special offer so utilise this with easy to understand graphics which will punch home your deal, grabbing their attention instantly.

Things of interest

New products, new lines, upcoming events, anything that might create interest to the user about your company its products or services. A teaser of a new product or upcoming event will always create great interest from the viewer.

Location, Location, Location

Think carefully about where your board will be placed when positioning it and more important designing it. Is there any nearby seats or coffee/ food shops this could allow more information to be portrayed to the viewer? Is it a thorough through or are people tending to pass by slowly? Get out there if you can walk past where your board is likely to be and get an understanding of how the average customer will see what you are trying to portray, then correctly design your board with this in mind.

Important Things to Know

Getting your spelling wrong may lead to awkward situations or could maybe just be a handy talking point!

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