Roller Banner Stands

Half price artworking

Multibuy savings

Miniature Roller Banner Stand

  • A3/A4 banner
  • Non-changeable graphics
  • Stylish silver base

Why buy?
Table top banner

Prices from £24.00
ZoomGenesis-Roller-Banner-Stand-Front-71 (1)-min
2 for

Genesis Roller Banner Stand

  • Non-changeable graphics
  • Twin twist out feet

Why buy?

Prices from £59.00
Multibuy options

Junior Roller Banner Stand

  • Single twist out foot
  • Changeable graphic

Why buy?
Replacement graphic option

Prices from £70.00
Multibuy savings

Maxi Roller Banner Stand

  • non-changeable graphic
  • Twin twist out feet

Why buy?
Larger graphic area

Prices from £79.00
Multibuy savings

Style Roller Banner Stand

  • Changeable graphic
  • Quick and easy to assemble

Why buy?
Hidden base

Prices from £109.00

Budget Widescreen Banner Stands

  • Up to 1.5m wide
  • Changeable graphics
  • Twin twist out feet

Why buy?
Budget wide banner

Prices from £115.00
Multibuy savings

Bigscreen Roller Banner Stand V2

  • Stylish silver base
  • Changeable graphic

Why buy?
Sturdy for high traffic areas

Prices from £125.00

Style Widescreen Banner Stand

  • Changeable graphics
  • Up to 2m wide
  • Hidden feet

Why buy?
Wide distraction free graphics

Prices from £140.00
Lower price

Lightning Outdoor Roller Banner Stand

  • Extra wide stabilising feet
  • Indoor and outdoor use

Why buy?
Outdoor and double sided

Prices from £159.00
Multibuy options

Image Roller Banner Stand

  • Easy change graphic system
  • Wide footprint for extra stability

Why buy?
Interchangeable graphics

Prices from £175.00

Widescreen Roller Banner

  • Stylish silver base
  • Wide changeable graphic

Why buy?
Up to 2m wide

Prices from £190.00

Double Sided Roller Banner Stand

  • Graphics on both sides
  • Changeable graphics
  • Stylish silver base

Why buy?
Double sided

Prices from £210.00

Portable Roller Banner Stands

Roller banner stands have graphics that can be pulled up out of the base unit and are erected using either a bungee cord or telescopic pole. This maintains the tension and gives you a flawless 2 metre high display.

With the base unit storing the rolled up banner, travelling to conferences, events and exhibitions is simple and reduces the chance of damaging your graphic. All parts of the system fit into the supplied carry case too, helping make travel a stress-free experience.

If you need help choosing a banner, why not read our free banner stand guide which explains what to look for in a display based on your needs.

Choosing your Roller Banner Stand

Our extensive selection of roller banner stands includes basic models with twist out feet as well as more sophisticated models with weighted bases. Both types are perfect for exhibition stands, conferences, retail outlets and public buildings.

Bases with Twist out feet

Bases with twist out feet make up our basic range of roller banner stands, offering a simple, lightweight and cost-effective solution.

Weighted Bases

Choosing a weighted base means that you will have a banner stand with a wider footprint, giving extra stability. This is important if you are likely to use it in an area with heavy footfall.

If you’re in need of a wider banner then this range offers banners up to 2000mm wide.

Designing your Banner Stand

Whether you are looking for some inspiration and need a new design or you have one in mind, we can help.

We also offer an online banner design tool with over 200 designs which can be used with our Genesis and Junior roller banner stands.

Simply choose a template of your choice including a range of colour choices and layouts then upload your logo and/or images and finish off by adding your own text.

We even have a range of stock photography available to use on your banner stand to help you create a perfect display.

We also have in-house artwork and graphic design capabilities available from £25.00.

Updating your Graphics

If you have previously purchased a banner stand and need to update your graphic then we can help. For most banner stands, you can simply send us your original system and we will remove the old graphic and replace it with an updated one.

Not only does this option save you money but it also helps save the environment!

However, some banners cannot have replacement graphics due to the method of attaching the graphic to the banner. If you know that you will want to replace graphics in the future then talk to us about compatible roller banner stands.

Why choose Marler Haley?

  • We provide a 10 year guarantee on roller banner stand purchases giving you complete piece of mind.
  • Our state of the art graphics guarantee no edge-curling and no de-lamination, delivering your message with maximum impact.
  • Our in-house print team allows us to print all of our graphics on site in the UK which means we can deliver to you within 3-5 working days of receipt of artwork as standard.
  • Optional next day delivery is available on roller banner stands when requested.
  • If you need some help to design your graphics or put the finishing touches to your artwork, we can offer you our creative design services to create the perfect graphic.
  • If you are looking to replace your current banner stand because your artwork is out of date, we also offer a replacement graphics service. This service could allow you to keep your current base unit while replacing your graphic.

Speak to us today on 0808 149 4658  about your requirements and we can help you find your perfect roller banner stand.