Attracting the Attention of Passing Traffic

Outdoor displays can help attract the attention of passing traffic towards your business, serving as a great way of letting people know where you are and what you do. There are several styles of these displays coming in all different shapes and sizes:

Outdoor Display Flags
Flags can be very effective methods of advertising, particularly in busy areas where the number of people in a given location would obscure lower level adverts. Vibrant, colourful flag designs can easily catch the eye of those who pass by your business, especially given their continuous motion on a windy day.

Flags are available in a variety of heights and shapes which means that there should always be one to suit your needs. They also take up less floor space than banners and billboards, allowing convenience for those with limited space.

Flags can also be fitted with different bases to suit your environment, from weighted bases to ground stakes for use on soft surfaces such as grass or sand. Flags do not have to be ground standing, they can also be attached to posts. Numerous flags in a line can create a stunning effect, especially useful for directing customers towards your area of business. Flags are a very affordable, easy way to attract the public’s attention.

Outdoor Banner Stands
Another very effective method of grabbing people’s attention is an outdoor banner stand. As with standard indoor banner stands, they are very portable and can be assembled in seconds. The weighted base means that they are sturdy and can be placed on hard standing, even surfaces, or soft ground such as grass.

Outdoor banner stands have been designed with crowds in mind and as such are slightly taller than indoor banner stands so that they can be seen in busy areas. Outdoor banner stands are often available with graphics on both sides of the stand so that you can grab people’s attention regardless of the direction that they are travelling.

Outdoor PVC Banners
PVC banners can come in handy for many a reason. Not only are they weather proof, but their eyelet system means that they can be attached to almost any fixture – fences, railings or buildings. They also come in many different sizes and are fully customisable. If your business has a fence running around the perimeter, PVC banners are a great way of affixing your company name in a place where people will see it. Due to the simplistic nature of this product it is the most cost effective way to get your message across.

If you are looking for a more permanent structure and you have a large ground area, for example a field or a car park, then a large frame outdoor PVC banner is ideal, whereby the PVC simply attaches to the frame.

‘A’ Sign Outdoor Display
Another way to effectively advertise outside is through A sign outdoor pavement stands. They can typically be found outside newsagents, shops, cafes and restaurants. Easy to transport and store, the A stand is hugely popular, allowing two messages to be displayed simultaneously.

Messages are also incredibly easy to replace, meaning your business can advertise new and exclusive offers to passers-by before the competition. Likewise, restaurants and cafes can benefit by displaying the menu outside to attract customers, updating it as appropriate.

Outdoor displays are a great way of attracting the attention of passing traffic either in vehicles or by foot and let them know where you are based and what services you provide. With all of the great options available there is sure to be one to suit your needs.

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