Assembling a Pop-up Display Stand is Child’s Play

We are often get asked, “How easy is it to assemble a Pop up display stand?”  Well it is easy and we wanted to prove it.

In order to do this, we enlisted the help of Janet’s 10 year old twins Cameron and Rebecca to show you how it is done.

We did give them some tips before they started:-

1. All of our graphic panels are numbered on the back, always start with panel 2 in position 2

2. When attaching the graphics, bend them slightly towards yourself at the top of the graphic

3. Once the graphic is attached, tap them slightly in the middle of the graphic which will help it pop into place

4. On each of the magnetic bars, AKA mag bars, there is a thin line down the middle – the graphic should not cross the line

Please note Cameron has used a step ladder as he is 1550mm or 5ft in old money. I am a slight 5ft 3 and can easily attach the graphics without the aid of a step ladder.

If you have any other questions please let us know.

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