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How does it work?
Do you have a website? You can start earning commission from your website by sending visitors to our site. We work with AffiliateFuture, a “Performance-Based Advertising Network”, to track the sales and pay commissions to our website publishers.

What is “affiliate marketing”?
AffiliateFuture is an “affiliate network”. Website publishers (aka “affiliates”) place adverts, banners, buttons or other links on their website. The advertisers (aka “merchants”) then pay the website publisher commission for generating any sale or lead made through one of these links.

You can find out more about affiliate marketing and AffiliateFuture here

What linking methods are available?
We have a selection of offer driven banners in a variety of sizes
Written information and tailored creative available upon request

What are the commission rates?
Offering an increased commission for the launch available until the 20th March! You will receive lead commission of £10 and sales commission of 15%!

With leads or sales being placed online or over the telephone.
Standard lead payment tiers:
1 to 5 leads per month: £7.50
6 to 10 leads per month:£10
11 or more leads: £15

Standard sales payment tiers:
1 to 5 sales per month: 7.5%
6 to 10 sales per month: 10%
11 or more: 15%

A sale is commissioned when a customer has placed an order on line or via our call centre.
All telephone calls are tracked to lead and order value.

How do I join?
It is very easy to join, and is completely free!

Once you have signed up to AffiliateFuture, you can join our programme and start promoting us. The sooner you join, the sooner you can receive commission!

Please click here to join AffiliateFuture

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